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Michigan GOP gubernatorial nominee invoked conspiracy claiming Democrats sought to 'topple' US in retaliation for losing Civil War
27 Oct 2022 Em Steck, Olivia Alafriz. CNN.

Pro-Trump Tour Flies Off The Rails Over `Demonic Satellites' and `Deep State' McDonald's
23 Oct 2022 Zachary Petrizzo. Daily Beast.

Caught on Tape: Doug Mastriano Prayed for MAGA to `Seize the Power' Ahead of Jan. 6
9 Sep 2022 Tim Dickinson. Rolling Stone.

Choose your reality: Trust wanes, conspiracy theories rise
9 Jul 2022 David Klepper. Associated Press.

The untold story of Ginni Thomas' anti-cult activism - after she was 'deprogrammed'
14 Jun 2022 Allan Smith, Alex Seitz-Wald. NBC News.

The town crier
12 Jun 2022 Stephanie Mccrummen. Washington Post.

MAGA hats and QAnon: Inside Trump's first rally of 2022
16 Jan 2022 Meridith Clark, Mark Peterson. Politico.

Opinion: Will you fall into the conspiracy theory rabbit hole? Whaddaya take me for a moron? Of course not..
25 Oct 2021 David Byler, Yan Wu. Washington Post.

`Down the rabbit hole': Arizona GOP goes full fringe
20 Oct 2021 David Siders. Politico.

QAnon accuses Michael Flynn of being a Satanist
8 Oct 2021 Pakalolo. Daily Kos.

Trump's former national security adviser says there is a plot to spike salad dressing with the COVID vaccine
27 Sep 2021 Mikael Thalen. Daily Dot.

Nolte: Howard Stern Proves Democrats Want Unvaccinated Trump Voters Dead
10 Sep 2021 John Nolte. Breitbart.

Senator Amanda Chase Is What the Next Frontier of GOP Lunacy Looks Like
20 Dec 2020 Kelly Weill. Daily Beast.

Talk Radio Is Turning Millions of Americans Into Conservatives
9 Oct 2020 Paul Matzco. New York Times.

Trump Health Aide Pushes Bizarre Conspiracies and Warns of Armed Revolt
14 Sep 2020 Sharon Lafraniere. New York Times.

Trump's Republican Party now has a ballot full of nutters
19 Aug 2020 Dana Milbank. Washington Post.

Trump's New Favorite COVID Doctor Believes in Alien DNA, Demon Sperm, and Hydroxychloroquine
28 Jul 2020 Will Sommer. Daily Beast.

GOP Rep Jordan: Teen sex scandal is deep-state plot concocted by Rosenstein
5 Jul 2018 John Aravosis. AmericaBlog.

GOP candidate says feminists have `snake-filled heads,' Hopes daughters don't become `she devils'
26 Jan 2018 Eli Rosenberg. Washington Post.

This NSC ex-staffer's memo is crazy. Trump's reaction is more disturbing
11 Aug 2017 James Downie. Washington Post.