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Why Republicans Don't Want To Solve the Border Problem
1 Feb 2024 Jonathan Chait. Intelligencer.

How Donald Trump Divided Republicans on Immigration
26 Jan 2024 Annie Karni. New York Times.

Opinion: Trump's dangerous echoes of the eugenics movement
17 Jan 2024 Paul Moses. CNN.

`Poisoning the blood of our country': Trump delivers caustic attack on immigrants
16 Dec 2023 Olivia Alafriz. Politico.

Stephen Miller: Trump will implement `spectacular migration crackdown'
12 Nov 2023 Nick Robertson. The Hill.

Donald Trump Is Reportedly Planning an Anti-Immigrant "Blitz"
11 Nov 2023 Dan Friedman. Mother Jones.

Trump defends family separation policy in new interview
9 Nov 2023 Brett Samuels. The Hill.

Refugees paid $25 billion in US taxes in 2019: report
20 Jun 2023 Rafael Bernal. The Hill.

Trump aides aim to build GOP opposition to Afghan refugees
15 Sep 2021 Jill Colvin. Associated Press.

Supreme Court orders Trump's `Remain in Mexico' policy reinstated
24 Aug 2021 Josh Gerstein. Politico.

Trump didn't build his border wall with steel. He built it out of paper
29 Oct 2020 Catherine Rampell. Washington Post.

What happens next to the Dreamers is on Trump
18 Jun 2020 Raul A. Reyes. CNN.

ACLU says over 900 children separated from families at US border since last summer
30 Jul 2019 Priscilla Alvarez. CNN.

Trump called Oakland mayor a `disgrace' for revealing ICE raids. Then he did the same thing
12 Jul 2019 Brittny Mejia. Los Angeles Times.

Grassley warns White House not to oust any more top immigration officials
8 Apr 2019 Seung Min Kim. Washington Post.

Stephen Miller's influence rising amid changes at DHS
9 Apr 2019 Brett Samuels. The Hill.

Trump seems inclined to close border despite potential chaos
2 Apr 2019 Stephen Collinson. CNN.

Canada hopes to welcome over 1M new immigrants over next three years
10 Jan 2019 Aris Folley. Politico.

Trump admin unable to account for another 1,500 migrant children: report
19 Sep 2018 Justin Wise. The Hill.

Trump officials identify 497 migrant children still in custody
30 Aug 2018 Michael Burke. The Hill.

`Immigration hypocrite': Stephen Miller's uncle lambastes him in scathing d
13 Aug 2018 Kristine Phillips. Washington Post.

The Trump administration kidnapped children. Someone should go to jail
12 Jul 2018 Eugene Robinson. Washington Post.

1-Year-Old Baby Appears In Immigration Court, Cries Hysterically
8 Jul 2018 Mary Papenfuss. Huffington Post via Yahoo News.

Key GOP senator unloads on Homeland Security for handling of separated fami
9 Jul 2018 Manu Raju. CNN.

575 arrested as hundreds of women rally in D.C. to protest Trump's immigrat
28 Jun 2018 Marissa J. Lang. Washington Post.

House rejects immigration bill pushed by Trump in last-minute tweet
27 Jun 2018 Mike DeBonis, John Wagner. Washington Post.

Stephen Miller, Meet Your Great-Grandfather, Who Flunked His Naturalization
21 Jun 2018 Lisa Belkin. Yahoo News via Huffington Post.

The chaotic effort to reunite immigrant parents with their separated kids
21 Jun 2018 Kevin Sieff. Washington Post.

Melania Trump wears the heart of her husband's administration on her sleeve
21 Jun 2018 Karen Attiah. Washington Post.

How Melania Trump's jacket choice overtook her visit to Texas border shelte
21 Jun 2018 Emily Heil. Washington Post.

America's white population shrinks for the first time as nation ages
21 Jun 2018 Reid Wilson. The Hill.

Percentage of Americans saying immigration a good thing reaches record high
21 Jun 2018 Mallory Shelbourne. The Hill.

Trump & Nielsen's embarrassing surrender on separating families at border
20 Jun 2018 Aaron Blake. Washington Post.

Trump reverses, signs order ending his policy separating families at border
20 Jun 2018 John Wagner, Nick Miroff, Mike DeBonis. Washington Post.

Trump: Dems want illegal immigrants to 'infest our country'
20 Jun 2018 Brooke Seipel. The Hill.

Michigan receiving detained immigrant children as young as 3 months old
20 Jun 2018 Brooke Seipel. The Hill.

Two charts demolish notion that immigrants here illegally commit more crime
19 Jun 2018 Christopher Ingraham. Washington Post.

Trump turns to Europe's far right as he detains Latin American children
20 Jun 2018 Ishaan Tharoor. Washington Post.

The facts about Trump's policy of separating families at the border
19 Jun 2018 Salvador Rizzo. Washington Post.

Kirstjen Nielsen heckled by protesters at Mexican restaurant:others applaud
20 Jun 2018 Meagan Flynn. Washington Post.

Defiant Trump refuses to back off migrant family separations
19 Jun 2018 Louis Nelson. Politico.

75 bipartisan former U.S. attorneys call on Sessions to end family separats
19 Jun 2018 Louis Nelson. Politico.

Trump defiant as crisis grows over family separation at the border
18 Jun 2018 Philip Rucker, Josh Dawsey, Seung Min Kim. Washington Post.

The heartbreaking photo that shows Trump may have gone too far
18 Jun 2018 Richard Cohen. Washington Post.

Trump team cannot get its story straight on separating migrant families
18 Jun 2018 James Hohmann. Washington Post.

Laura Bush: Separating children from their parents at the border `breaks m'
17 Jun 2018 Laura Bush. Washington Post.

Ingraham defends migrant kid camps: 'Criminals are separated from their children all the time'
16 Jun 2018 John Bowden. The Hill.

Sessions's asylum ruling reverses decades of women's rights progress
12 Jun 2018 Samantha Schmidt. Washington Post.

Trump's latest rage-filled tirade unmasks Paul Ryan's lies
11 May 2018 Greg Sargent. Washington Post.

John Kelly's terrible immigration lies
11 May 2018 Paul Waldman. Washington Post.

Why `they' seem more violent than `we' are
16 Feb 2018 Suzanne Schneider. Washington Post.

Mr. Trump to the `dreamers': Drop dead
17 Feb 2018 Editorial Board. New York Times.

Trump administration assault on bipartisan immigration plan ensured demise
17 Feb 2018 David Nakamura, Mike DeBonis. Washington Post.

Immigration bills fail in Congress, leaving `dreamers' in limbo
15 Feb 2018 Ed O'Keefe, David Nakamura and Mike DeBonis. Washington Post.

White House issues veto threat on Senate's emerging bipartisan immigration plan, potentially dooming effort to protect `dreamers'
15 Feb 2018 Ed O'Keefe, David Nakamura. Washington Post.

Bipartisan group reaches deal on immigration, fulfilling some Trump demands
14 Feb 2018 Ed O'Keefe,David Nakamura,Mike DeBonis. Washington Post.

Raging, isolated Trump retreats deeper into his bubble
16 Jan 2018 Greg Sargent. Washington Post.