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Subject: FAKE ELECTORS 2020

Here's the Proof That Team Trump Directly Helped Michigan's Fake Electors
5 Jan 2024 Tori Otten. The New Republic.

Exclusive: Recordings, emails show how Trump team flew fake elector ballots to DC in final push to overturn 2020 election
28 Dec 2023 Marshall Cohen, et al. CNN.

"Betrayed is an understatement": Fake elector throws Trump team under the bus as he spills the beans
27 Dec 2023 Gabriella Ferrigine. Salon.

Trump says Nevada fake electors treated 'unfairly' during rally in Reno
17 Dec 2023 Jonathan J. Cooper. ABC.

New evidence shows Trump's "fake electors" expressed legal reservations to Rudy Giuliani
13 Dec 2023 Tatyana Tandanpolie. Salon.

Exclusive: Recordings describe 2020 Oval Office photo-op where Trump was briefed on fake electors and January 6
13 Dec 2023 Marshall Cohen. CNN.

Why Is One of Trump's Fake Electors Still Overseeing Voting in Wisconsin?
8 Dec 2023 John Nichols. The Nation.

Exclusive: Pro-Trump lawyer Kenneth Chesebro cooperating in multiple state probes into 2020 fake electors plot
8 Dec 2023 Zachary Cohen, Marshall Cohen. CNN.

"Seismic impact": Legal experts says new fake elector revelations "should worry" Trump
7 Dec 2023 Igor Derysh. Salon.

Six Nevada Republicans Charged Over 2020 Fake Electors Scheme
6 Dec 2023 Nikki Mccann Ramirez. Rolling Stone.

Wisconsin pro-Trump `fake electors' settle lawsuit over false 2020 filings
6 Dec 2023 Ella Lee. The Hill.

Pro-Trump attorney who helped orchestrate fake electors plot cooperating in Nevada criminal probe
30 Nov 2023 Zachary Cohen, Kyung Lah. CNN.

`Fake elector' probes in 2020 swing states could spell more trouble for Trump
25 Nov 2023 Ella Lee. The Hill.

Arizona fake electors led vocal campaign to overturn the 2020 election - they're now part of a `robust' state investigation
10 Nov 2023 Andrew Kaczynski, et al. CNN.

3 fake electors want Georgia election subversion charges against them to be moved to federal court
20 Sep 2023 Kate Brumback. Associated Press.

Michigan fake elector described planning with Trump campaign attorneys: `Mike Pence and Congress [to] make that decision'
12 Sep 2023 Andrew Kaczynski, Em Steck. CNN.

Roger Stone Recorded Details of Fake Electors Plot Days After 2020 Election: Report
16 Aug 2023 Nikki Mccann Ramirez. Rolling Stone.

9 Michigan Republicans plead not guilty to acting as 'fake electors' in 2020
10 Aug 2023 Laura Romero. ABC.

`Fake elector' charges show how Trump's allies played with fire
19 Jul 2023 Aaron Blake. Washington Post.

Michigan AG charges 16 `fake electors' in 2020 scheme
18 Jul 2023 Ella Lee, Zach Schonfeld. The Hill.

Justice Dept. asking about 2020 fraud claims as well as fake electors
26 Jun 2023 Josh Dawsey, Devlin Barrett. Washington Post.

Exclusive: Special counsel trades immunity for fake elector testimony as probe heats up
23 Jun 2023 Katelyn Polantz, et al. CNN.

Michigan attorney general re-opens criminal probe into fake electors for Trump
6 Jan 2023 Zachary Cohen. CNN.

Justice Dept. Examines Emails from Trump Lawyers in Fake Elector Inquiry
16 Dec 2022 Alan Feuer, Adam Goldman. New York Times.

GOP Candidate Mark Finchem's Lawyer Proposed Fake Elector Votes That "Aren't Legal"
2 Nov 2022 David Corn. Mother Jones.

Trump's Allies Warned His Fake Elector Scheme Was Potentially Treasonous. He Tried It Anyway
2 Aug 2022 Althea Legaspi. Rolling Stone.

Arizona Officials Warned Fake Electors Plan Could `Appear Treasonous'
2 Aug 2022 Maggie Haberman, Luke Broadwater. New York Times.

The Fake Electors Scheme, Explained
27 Jul 2022 Alan Feuer, Katie Benner. New York Times.

`Kind of Wild/Creative': Emails Shed Light on Trump Fake Electors Plan
26 Jul 2022 Maggie Haberman, Luke Broadwater. New York Times.

Fake Electors May Provide Easiest Path for DOJ to Charge Trump
23 Jul 2022 Chris Strohm. Bloomberg.

Justice Department closes in on documents subpoenaed from GOP operatives connected to Trump fake electors plan
7 Jul 2022 Katelyn Polantz, et al. CNN.

Ron Johnson embroiled in controversy over staff handing Pence fake electors list
23 Jun 2022 Alexander Bolton. The Hill.

Ron Johnson's Office Tried to Send Pence Fake Electors
21 Jun 2022 Matt Stieb. Intelligencer.

Ron Johnson tried to hand fake elector info to Mike Pence on Jan. 6, panel reveals
21 Jun 2022 Nicholas Wu, Kyle Cheney. Politico.

Email reveals Trump campaign told fake electors in Georgia to use `complete secrecy'
6 Jun 2022 Katelyn Polantz, et al. CNN.

Multiple fake electors cooperating in Georgia criminal probe of Trump's efforts to overturn 2020 election
10 May 2022 Zachary Cohen, Sara Murray. CNN.

Exclusive: Federal prosecutors looking at 2020 fake elector certifications deputy attorney general tells CNN
25 Jan 2022 Evan Perez, Tierney Sneed. CNN.

Trump campaign officials, led by Rudy Giuliani, oversaw fake electors plot in 7 states
20 Jan 2022 Marshall Cohen, et al. CNN.

Trump allies' fake Electoral College certificates offer fresh insights about plot to overturn Biden's victory
12 Jan 2022 Zachary Cohen, Marshall Cohen. CNN.