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Subject: ECONOMY

Biden's economy vs. Trump's in 12 charts
23 Dec 2023 Abha Bhattarai. Washington Post.

Trump Has a Plan for Massively Increasing Inflation
24 Nov 2023 Eric Levitz. Intelligencer.

Trump lashes out after the conservative Wall Street Journal editorial board criticizes his campaign
31 Aug 2023 Tatyana Tandanpolie. Salon.

This Pioneering Economist Says Our Obsession With Growth Must End
18 Jul 2022 David Marchese. New York Times.

Trump's Big China Flop and Other Failures
15 Feb 2022 Paul Krugman. New York Times.

Tom Cotton Admits Trump, Not Biden, Caused Inflation Oops
2 Dec 2021 Jonathan Chait. Intelligencer.

Trump Wanted to Punish China. We're Still Paying for It.
24 Nov 2021 Binyamin Appelbaum. New York Times.

A Big Policy Fight Is Brewing on the Right. And It's Not All About Trump
5 Aug 2021 Eliana Johnson. Politico.

Dow sinks more than 700 points over virus fears
19 Jul 2021 Catherine Thorbecke. ABC.

Wall Street hits records amid profit reports, DC changeover
20 Jan 2021 Stan Choe. Associated Press.

Stocks drive higher, brushing aside worries about U.S. stability
14 Jan 2021 David L. Lynch. Washington Post.

Dow soars more than 400 points amid Capitol turmoil
6 Jan 2021 Hannah Denham. Washington Post.

Trump Racks Up $8 Trillion In National Debt Throughout Presidency
31 Dec 2020 Jake Dima. Daily Caller.

Dow crests 30,000 points on vaccine hopes, Biden transition
24 Nov 2020 Alex Veiga. Associated Press.

President is wild card as shutdown fears grow
19 Nov 2020 Alexander Bolton. The Hill.

Tech losses drive Wall Street down again, ending grim week
30 Oct 2020 Stan Choe, Alex Veiga. ABC.

US economy stabilizes with record gains after historic drop
29 Oct 2020 Sylvan Lane. The Hill.

Dow sinks more than 900 points for its worst drop since June amid rising virus cases globally
28 Oct 2020 Fred Imbert. CNBC.

Stock market slide muddles Trump's economic message days before 2020 election
28 Oct 2020 Jeff Stein. Washington Post.

As Trump warns of economic disaster, Wall Street grows giddy about Biden
27 Oct 2020 Ben White. Politico.

China Trade War Didn't Boost U.S. Manufacturing Might
25 Oct 2020 Josh Zumbrun, Bob Davis. Wall Street Journal.

You're Probably Not Getting Another Stimulus Check Anytime Soon
21 Oct 2020 Emma Ockerman. Vice.

Will McConnell Really Blow Up a Trump-Blessed Stimulus Deal?
21 Oct 2020 Ed Kilgore. Intelligencer.

Why Mitch McConnell is trying to kill a big stimulus before the election
21 Oct 2020 Paul Waldman, Greg Sargent. Washington Post.

Trump casts doubt on hopes for quick stimulus deal after aides expressed optimism
21 Oct 2020 Brett Samuels. The Hill.

White House pushing for stimulus deal within next 48 hours
21 Oct 2020 Morgan Chalfant. The Hill.

McConnell sets up votes on narrow coronavirus relief proposal
17 Oct 2020 Marianne Levine. Politico.

McConnell shoots down $1.8 trillion coronavirus deal, breaking with Trump
15 Oct 2020 Jordain Carney. The Hill.

White House pivots again on stimulus negotiations after bipartisan backlash
11 Oct 2020 Jeff Stein, Erica Werner. Washington Post.

Stephen Moore doubts need for $2T stimulus, predicting US economic growth
11 Oct 2020 Tal Axelrod. The Hill.

Senate Republicans lambaste potential coronavirus deal
10 Oct 2020 Burgess Everett, Jake Sherman. Politico.

Trump Is Killing the Economy Out of Spite
8 Oct 2020 Paul Krugman. New York Times.

Dow swings 600 points after Trump rejects stimulus plan
6 Oct 2020 Anneken Tappe. CNN.

Trump orders aides to halt talks on COVID-19 relief
6 Oct 2020 Morgan Chalfant. The Hill.

Dollar's strength to be short-lived; volatility and weakness ahead - Reuters Poll
5 Oct 2020 Hari Kishan, Rahul Karunakar. Reuters.

Trump has the worst job losses on record heading into the election
2 Oct 2020 Anneken Tappe. CNN.

Stocks sink after Trump announces positive coronavirus test
2 Oct 2020 Sylvan Lane. The Hill.

Trump stokes a new threat to Wall Street: Election chaos
24 Sep 2020 Ben White. Politico.

Dow tumbles 900 points as coronavirus fears mount
21 Sep 2020 Anneken Tappe. CNN.

Dirty money pours into the world's most powerful banks
21 Sep 2020 Buzzfeed.

Stocks slide in broad sell-off; Dow tumbles more than 800 points
21 Sep 2020 Hamza Shaban, Hannah Denham. Washington Post.

Voters may not let Trump change the subject from the coronavirus pandemic to economy
15 Sep 2020 Tory Newmyer. Washington Post.

Tech's sudden sell-off continues; Nasdaq sinks 10% in 3 days
8 Sep 2020 Stan Choe, Alex Veiga. Associated Press.

Wall Street extends losses in whiplash session
4 Sep 2020 Taylor Telford, Hannah Denham. Washington Post.

China may dump U.S. Treasuries as Sino-U.S. tensions flare: Global Times
4 Sep 2020 Reuters.

U.S. stocks nosedive as tech saps rally; Dow slides more than 800 points
4 Sep 2020 Hamza Shaban, Hannah Denham. Washington Post.

The stock market is flashing a warning sign
3 Sep 2020 Matt Egan. CNN.

Trump's rebound story meets mounting bankruptcies
3 Sep 2020 Ben White. Politico.

U.S. deficit triples in 2020 to highest percentage of GDP since WWII
2 Sep 2020 Kelly Mejorich. Politico.

Debt, eviction and hunger: Millions fall back into crisis as stimulus and safety nets vanish
23 Aug 2020 Hannah Denham, Taylor Telford. Washington Post.

Wall Street thinks a double-dip recession is more likely than V-shaped recovery
19 Aug 2020 Matt Egan. CNN.

Businesses warn they won't participate in Trump's payroll tax plan
18 Aug 2020 Brian Faler. Politico.

As stock prices hit record high, economy trails behind
18 Aug 2020 David J. Lynch. Washington Post.

U.S. stocks hit record high, ending shortest bear market in history
18 Aug 2020 Hamza Shaban, David J. Lynch. Washington Post.

Markets rise as economy struggles; 'It does not make sense'
14 Aug 2020 Niv Elis. The Hill.

Trump end run around Congress raises questions on his claims
10 Aug 2020 Jonathan Lemire. Associated Press.

Coronavirus has already dealt a blow to Social Security's finances. Trump's payroll tax holiday could make it worse
8 Aug 2020 Tammy Luhby. CNN.

Trump promises permanent cut to payroll tax funding Social Security and Medicare if he's reelected
8 Aug 2020 Tony Romm. Washington Post.

Trump signs executive orders after stimulus talks break down on Capitol Hill
8 Aug 2020 Jeremy Diamond, et al. CNN.

US adds 1.8 million jobs in a sign that hiring has weakened
7 Aug 2020 Christopher Rugaber. Associated Press.

Trump's economic comeback is becoming a slowdown and likely a stall-out
6 Aug 2020 Ben White. Politico.

Top Federal Reserve official says US needs another lockdown to save economy
3 Aug 2020 Rebecca Klarr. The Hill.

U.S. suffered worst quarterly contraction on record as virus ravages economy
29 Jul 2020 Ben White. Politico.

US economy shrank at record-breaking 33% rate last quarter
30 Jul 2020 Martin Crutsinger. Associated Press.

The Next Disaster Is Just a Few Days Away
16 Jul 2020 Paul Krugman. New York Times.

Trump stares down a ticking economic time bomb
17 Jul 2020 Nancy Cook. Politico.

`The balloon might pop': Fed's corporate intervention spurs anxiety
16 Jul 2020 Victoria Guida, Kellie Mejdrich. Politico.

After the fastest recession in U.S. history, the economic recovery may be fizzling
11 Jul 2020 David J. Lynch. Washington Post.

Spiking coronavirus cases threaten fragile recovery
28 Jun 2020 Sylvan Lane. The Hill.

The Crisis Goes Up A Gear: Is This The Beginning Of The End For The Dollar?
19 Jun 2020 Tyler Durden.

The stock market is running out of steam with reopening trades fading and economic data `uneven'
19 Jun 2020 Yun Li. CNBC.

Market Madness in the Pandemic
15 Jun 2020 Paul Krugman. New York Times.

Global stocks plunge as fears of a coronavirus surge grow in the US and China
15 Jun 2020 Clare Duffy, et al. CNN.

Dow sinks 1,800 as virus cases rise, deflating optimism
11 Jun 2020 Associated Press. Politico.

Dow slides more than 1,800 points on fears of coronavirus resurgence, more economic pain
11 Jun 2020 Rachael Seigel, et al. Washington Post.

Dow plummets 1,500 points as investors grow fearful about the economy
11 Jun 2020 Charles Riley, Anneken Tappe. CNN.

Stocks plunge amid concerns over rising coronavirus cases
11 Jun 2020 Sylvan Lane. The Hill.

Don't Lose the Thread. The Economy Is Experiencing an Epic Collapse of Demand
6 Jun 2020 Neil Irwin. New York Times.

2M more Americans file new jobless claims, pushing coronavirus toll past 40 million
28 May 2020 Sylvan Lane. The Hill.

2.4 million Americans filed jobless claims last week, bringing nine-week total to 38.6 million
21 May 2020 Tony Romm, Jeff Stein. Washington Post.

Fed sees Wall Street stress if virus takes 'unexpected' turn
15 May 2020 Martin Crutsinger. Associated Press.

3M more Americans file for unemployment benefits as coronavirus economic impact expands
14 May 2020 Niv Elis. The Hill.

`Rolling Shock' as Job Losses Mount Even With Reopenings
14 May 2020 Patricia Cohen, Tiffany Hsu. New York Times.

Soaring joblessness could shake U.S. economy, politics for years
8 May 2020 David J. Lynch. Washington Post.

As Job Losses Mount, Lawmakers Face a Make-or-Break Moment
9 May 2020 Jim Tankersley. New York Times.

U.S. unemployment rate hits `scary' 14.7 percent, the worst since the depression era
8 May 2020 Heather Long. Washington Post.

'It's going to be a big, gigantic, gargantuan fight'
8 May 2020 Theodoric Meyer. Politico.

Political fantasy battles economic reality after tens of millions of jobs lost
8 May 2020 Ben White. Politico.

The big problem coronavirus poses for White House economists
3 May 2020 John Harwood. CNN.

Mitch McConnell Is Not as Clever as He Thinks He Is
24 Apr 2020 Jamelle Bouie. New York Times.

Small Business Rescue Earned Banks $10 Billion In Fees
22 Apr 2020 NPR.

Trump wants to reopen country soon. But power really lies with governors
12 Apr 2020 Maeve Reston. CNN.

Virus may dash Trump's plan for a 'big bang' economic opening
13 Apr 2020 Stephen Collinson. CNN.

The Worst of the Global Selloff Isn't Here Yet, Banks and Investors Warn
22 Mar 2020 Anna Hirtenstein, Akane Otani. Wall Street Journal.

Dow briefly wipes out gains under Trump's presidency, remains slightly positive since his election
18 Mar 2020 Thomas Franck. CNBC News.

Federal Reserve slashes interest rates to zero as part of wide-ranging emergency intervention
15 Mar 2020 Heather Long. Washington Post.

With unprecedented force and speed, a global recession is likely taking hold
14 Mar 2020 David J. Lynch, Heather Long. Washington Post.

U.S. stock market suffers worst crash since 1987, as Americans wake up to a new normal of life
12 Mar 2020 David J. Lynch, et al. Washington Post.

Stock futures down after 11-year bull market run ended Thursday
12 Mar 2020 Clair Duffy. CNN.

Dow enters bear market after coronavirus declared pandemic
11 Mar 2020 Taylor Telford, Thomas Heath. Washington Post.

Dow slides as coronavirus tightens grip on economy and oil price war escaltes
11 Mar 2020 Taylor Telford, Thomas Heath. Washington Post.

Trump keeps coronavirus plans vague - and sends Mnuchin to meet Pelosi
10 Mar 2020 Heather Caygle. Politico.

U.S. markets crater as coronavirus, oil prices trigger brief halt in trading
9 Mar 2020 Thomas Heath, et al. Washington Post.

Stock futures sink deep into the red as oil prices plummet and coronavirus fears spread
8 Mar 2020 Will Englund. Washington Post.

Dow plunged despite Fed's emergency rate cut to stem coronavirus panic
3 Mar 2020 Rachel Siegel, Thomas Heath. Washington Post.

As stock markets tumble because of coronavirus, this time feels different
28 Feb 2020 David J. Lynch. Washington Post.

Dow falls 1,191 points -- the most in history
27 Feb 2020 Anneken Tappe. CNN.

Don't let Republicans sabotage the economy under the next Democratic president
20 Feb 2020 Paul Waldman. Washington Post.

Obama pushes Trump's button on economy. Trump responds: `Did you hear the latest con job?'
18 Feb 2020 Allyson Chiu. Washington Post.

How Trump's three years of job gains compares to Obama's
6 Feb 2020 Chris Isidore. CNN.

Here's how we'll pay for Trump's trillion-dollar deficits
30 Jan 2020 Rick Newman. Yahoo News.

Trump's trade deal with China won't give many U.S. companies relief, as most tariffs will remain
14 Jan 2020 David J. Lynch. Washington Post.

The Fed plans to keep pumping cash
10 Jan 2020 Dion Rabouin. Axios.

Giving the stock market more rocket fuel will work for only so long
10 Jan 2020 Mohamed A. El-Erian. Market Watch.

Fed study: Trump tariffs backfired, caused job losses and higher prices
27 Dec 2019 Brooke Seipel. The Hill.

2019: The year the Federal Reserve admitted it was wrong
11 Dec 2019 Heather Long. Washington Post.

Trump blows off concerns he's roiling markets with his trade comments
3 Dec 2019 Adam Behsudi. Politico.

Falling investment revives attacks against Trump's tax cuts
10 Nov 2019 Niv Ellis. The Hill.

The U.S. deficit hit $984 billion in 2019, soaring during Trump era
25 Oct 2019 Heather Long, Jeff Stein. Washington Post.

Hints of factory-driven slowdown in key 2020 U.S. election states
30 Aug 2019 Ann Saphir, Howard Schneider.

Under Trump, the deficit has ballooned, exploding a GOP myth
25 Aug 2019 Julian Zelizer. CNN.

Trump dismisses recession warnings: 'I always find a way to win'
23 Aug 2019 Quint Forgey. Politico.

The month a shadow fell on Trump's economy
22 Aug 2019 Damian Paletta, et al. Washington Post.

Report shows US deficit to exceed $1 trillion next year
22 Aug 2019 Kevin Freking. Associated Press News.

The Trump vs. Obama economy - in 15 charts
20 Aug 2019 Heather Long. Washington Post.

Trump pressures Fed to boost 'very strong' economy amid recession fears
19 Aug 2019 Sylvan Lane. The Hill.

Stocks losses deepen as a key recession warning surfaces
14 Aug 2019 Damian Paletta, et al. Washington Post.

$3,727,014,000,000: Federal Spending Sets Record Through July; Treasury Runs $866,812,000,000 Deficit
12 Aug 2019 Terence P. Jeffrey. CNSNews.

Trump shut down Navarro over ideas to devalue U.S. dollar
26 Jul 2019 Ben White. Politico.

Trump has reportedly asked aides to find a way to weaken the US dollar
10 Jul 2019 Thomas Franck. CNBC.

$3,355,970,000,000: Federal Spending Sets Record Through June; Deficit Hits $747,115,000,000
11 Jul 2019 Terence P. Jeffery. CNSNews.

Make America's deficits great again
9 Jul 2019 Desmond Latchman. The Hill.

As Trump touts stocks, bonds send an ominous message
27 Jun 2019 Desmond Lachman. The Hill.

Big businesses paying even less than expected under GOP tax law
13 Jun 2019 Brian Faler. Politico.

Weak U.S. employment report raises red flag on economy
7 Jun 2019 Lucia Mutikani.

Morgan Stanley says economy is on `recession watch' as bond market flashes warning
28 May 2019 Thomas Franck. CNBC.

Companies warn Trump trade war is about to hit consumers
17 May 2019 Niv Elis. The Hill.

The Atlanta Fed's GDP forecast is sliding, and expectations for rate cuts are surging
15 May 2019 Jeff Cox. CNBC.

The reality of the Trump economy
29 Apr 2019 Juan Williams. The Hill.

Calls escalate for Trump to end shutdown and trade war amid fears of economic slowdown
21 Jan 2019 Heather Long. Washington Post.

Trump Took Credit for Stock Market Records. Does He Deserve Blame for the plunge?
3 Jan 2019 Peter Coy. Bloomberg.

Trump has always been erratic and impulsive. Why is Wall Street surprised ?
25 Dec 2018 Megan McArdle. Washingtion Post.

What Was Steve Mnuchin Thinking? Three Possibilities
24 Dec 2018 Annie Lowrey. The Atlantic.

Markets stage one of worst Christmas Eves ever, closing down more than 600 points as Trump blames Fed for stock losses in a tweet
24 Dec 2018 Thomas Heath, Philip Rucker. Washington Post.

Treasury secretary startles Wall Street with unusual pre-Christmas calls to top bank CEOs
23 Dec 2018 Damian Paletta, Josh Dawsey. Washington Post.

Dow's worst week since 2008 financial crisis; Nasdaq closes in bear market
21 Dec 2018 David Goldman. CNN.

A recession is coming. Trump will make it so much worse
20 Dec 2018 Catherine Rampell. Washington Post.

`I am a Tariff Man,' Trump declares, as China talks show signs of sputterig
4 Dec 2018 Damian Paletta. Washington Post.

Fed warns that a `particularly large' plunge in market prices is possible if risks materialize
28 Nov 2018 Jeff Cox. CNBC.

Global economic slowdown will expose Trump's trade ignorance
19 Nov 2018 Phil Levy. The Hill.

Dow plunges 400 points as Apple leads tech rout
12 Nov 2018 Fred Imbert. CNBC News.

Stock correction comes at bad time for Trump, GOP
28 Oct 2018 Niv Elis, Sylvan Lane. The Hill.

The Dow is tumbling again
23 Oct 2018 Chris Isidore. CNN.

Deficit balloons to $779 billion in Trump's second year
15 Oct 2018 Jeff Stein. Washington Post.

As stocks tumble, the U.S. wonders: Is this economy as good as it gets?
11 Oct 2018 Heather Long. Washington Post.

Unemployment drops to lowest level since 1969
5 Oct 2018 Ian Kulgren. Politico.

Feds Collect Record Indiv Income Taxes Thru August; Still Run $898B deficit
13 Sep 2018 Terence P. Jeffery. CNSNews.

Federal deficit soars 32 percent to $895B
11 Sep 2018 Niv Elis. The Hill.

More South Carolina businesses could close due to tariffs, SC Chamber warns
17 Aug 2018 Emma Dumain. McClatchy DC.

Cost of living rises at fastest rate in decade
10 Aug 2018 Justin Wise. The Hill.

Wages drop despite economic boom
10 Aug 2018 Niv Elis. The Hill.

Federal deficit jumps 20 percent after tax cuts, spending bill
8 Aug 2018 Niv Elis. The Hill.

Why Trump's economy could be downhill from here
7 Aug 2018 Ben White. Politico.

Thanks to Trump, American workers are getting big raises
1 Aug 2018 Liz Peek. The Hill.

In a new tweetstorm, Trump gives his voters the middle finger
31 Jul 2018 Greg Sargent. Washington Post.

Trump administration's latest proposed tax cut would be huge windfall to 1%
31 Jul 2018 Christopher Ingraham. Washington Post.

US on track to borrow most money since 2008 financial crisis: report
31 Jul 2018 Brooke Seipel. The Hill.

'Eye-popping' payouts for CEOs follow Trump's tax cuts
30 Jul 2018 Patrick Temple-West, Victoria Guida. Politico.

Trump's latest win: More Americans are saying, 'I quit!'
11 Jul 2018 Liz Peek. The Hill.

What trade war? Why Wall Street is shrugging off Trump's fight with China Hear those pumps?
11 Jul 2018 Ben White. Politico.

Trump is angry at OPEC over oil prices. Experts say Trump shares the blame
5 Jul 2018 Steven Mufson. Washington Post.

The White House is living in an alternate economic universe
1 Jul 2018 Editorial Board. Washington Post.

GM says new Trump auto tariffs threaten American jobs
29 Jun 2018 David J. Lynch. Washington Post.

`Not what we expected': Trump's tax bill is losing popularity
29 Jun 2018 Heather Long. Washington Post.

U.S. cruises toward record-breaking debt on Trump's watch
26 Jun 2018 Sarah Ferris. Politico.

For biggest group of American workers, wages aren't flat - they're falling
15 Jun 2018 Jeff Stein, Andrew Van Dam. Washington Post.

This Ohio factory thought it could bring U.S. jobs back from China Then Trump Got Involved
6 Jun 2018 David J. Lynch. Washingtion Post.

Why the economy is roaring
3 Jun 2018 Robert J. Samuelson. Washington Post.

Congress approves plan to roll back post-financial-crisis rules for banks
22 May 2018 Erica Werner and Renae Merle. Washington Post.

6 questions about Trump's economy you were too embarrassed to ask
30 Apr 2018 Catherine Rampell. Washington Post.

A debt crisis is coming. But don't blame entitlements
8 Apr 2018 Martin Neil Baily, et al. Washington Post.

U.S. stocks tumble as Trump and China double down on trade dispute
4 Apr 2018 Thomas Heath, David J. Lynch, Emily Rauhala. Washington Post.

China fires back at Trump with the threat of tariffs on 106 U.S. products
4 Apr 2018 Emily Rauhala. Washington Post.

How Washington is undermining the stock market's highest-flying sector
2 Apr 2018 Craig Timberg, Thomas Heath, Tony Romm. Washington Post.

Up, Up, Up Goes the Economy. Here's What Could Knock It Down
20 Mar 2018 Ben Casselman. New York Times.

Trump Says He May Veto Spending Bill, Risking Government Shutdown
23 Mar 2018 Julie Hirschfeld Davis. New York Times.

President Trump's Exaggerated and Misleading Claims on Trade
6 Mar 2018 Linda Qiu. New York Times.

Wall Street prepares for ugly sell-off after Cohn's resignation
6 Mar 2018 Heather Long. Washington Post.

Trump's Steel Tariffs Raise Fears of a Damaging Trade War
2 Mar 2018 Jim Tankersley. New York Times.

Trade Wars Are Destructive. Of Course Trump Wants One
2 Mar 2018 Editorial Board. New York Times.

'Every day is a new adventure': Trump upends Washington and Wall Street with shifts on trade, guns
1 Mar 2018 Damian Paletta, Josh Dawsey. Washington Post.

The political consequences of slower economic growth
25 Feb 2018 Robert J. Samuelson. Washington Post.

'This is not normal': Glitches mar new tax law
24 Feb 2018 Brian Faler. Politico.

A decade after meltdown, Senate moves to roll back bank rules
20 Feb 2018 Zachary Warmbrodt. Politico.

Today, inflation. Tomorrow, crisis?
18 Feb 2018 Robert J. Samuelson. Washington Post.

Trump endorses 25-cent gas tax hike, lawmakers say
14 Feb 2018 Lauren Gardner,Tanya Snyder, Brianna Gurciullo. Politico.

White House spokesman: Trump has not focused on the stock market
6 Feb 2018 Jordan Fabian. The Hill.

Treasury secretary: Markets 'functioning very well'
6 Feb 2018 Victoria Guida. Politico.

White House moves to distance Trump from market plunge
5 Feb 2018 Andrew Restuccia, Cristiano Lima. Politico.

'The president clearly set himself up': Trump's stock market miscalculation
5 Feb 2018 Ben White. Politico.

Trump, Running Alongside the Market's Bulls, Risks Being Trampled
5 Feb 2018 Peter Baker, Binyamin Applebaum. New York Times.

Reality is catching up with Trump - everywhere
5 Feb 2018 Dana Milbank. Washington Post.