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Here's What Right-Wing Power Brokers Want Trump to Do in His Second Term
14 Jan 2024 Rotimi Adeoye. Daily Beast.

Why Trump Could Win Again
15 Nov 2022 Kevin D. Williamson. New York Times.

The Right's Only Regret About Trumpists is That They Lost
14 Nov 2022 Jonathan Chait. Intelligencer.

I Voted for Trump and DeSantis-and Now Regret It. Here's How Democrats Can Appeal to Voters Like Me.
13 Oct 2022 Rich Logis. The New Republic.

Seven Years of Trump Has the Right Wing Taking the Long View
28 Sep 2022 Thomas B. Edsall. New York Times.

Melania Trump's Snub Created a Surge of Conservative Vogue Wannabes (Text/Podcast)
28 Sep 2022 Daily Beast. Daily Beast.

Trump Wins CPAC Straw Poll, DeSantis Takes Second Place
6 Aug 2022 Caroline Downey. National Review.

`Fight the Barbarians': The MAGA Movement Lays Out a Warpath at CPAC
6 Aug 2022 Tim Dickinson. Rolling Stone.

Here's why Trump won't run in 2024 - and why the Trump cult ultimately can't win
21 Apr 2022 Brian Karem. Salon.

The Strange History of American Conservatism
19 Apr 2022 Jonathan Rauch. New York Times.

Jan. 6 wasn't an insurrection. It was vigilantism. And more is coming
10 Dec 2021 Sam Tanenhaus. Washington Post.

God, Trump and the Closed-Door World of a Major Conservative Group
25 Oct 2021 Robert O'harrow Jr.. Washington Post.

Pro-Trump Professors Are Plotting an Authoritarian Comeback
26 Oct 2021 Laura Field. The New Republic.

Does `Conservatism' Actually Mean Anything Anymore?
17 Sep 2021 Zack Stanton. Politico.

Should NeverTrump Conservatives Form A New Party?
15 Dec 2020 Evan McMullin. New York Times.

The moral hypocrisy of conservative leaders is stunning
15 Dec 2020 Michael Gerson. Washington Post.

Videos show closed-door sessions of leading conservative activists: `Be not afraid of the accusations that you're a voter suppressor'
14 Oct 2020 Robert O'harrow Jr.. Washington Post.

For Conservatives to Have Any Hope, Trump Has to Lose
24 Aug 2020 Peter Wehner. New York Times.

The Wedge Issue That's Dividing Trumpworld
7 Aug 2020 Gabby Orr. Politico.

These Conservatives Have a Laser Focus: `Owning the Libs'
3 Aug 2020 Jeremy W. Peters. New York Times.

PAC operator pleads guilty to fraud
18 Sep 2019 Maggie Severns, Derek Willis. Politico.

Conservative activist Jacob Wohl charged with felony in California
5 Sep 2019 Tim Elfrink. Washington Post.

The 'Reasonable' Rebels
29 Aug 2019 Eve Fairbanks. Washington Post.

Hannity accused of hypocrisy on 'lock her up'
7 Jun 2019 John Bowden. The Hill.

Federal judge in Texas rules entire Obama health-care law unconstitutional
14 Dec 2018 Amy Goldstein. Washington Post.

Four conservative women debate whether Trump is a role model
31 Mar 2018 Roxana Popescu. Washington Post.

Smearing Parkland Students a Symptom of the Right's Ideological Exhaustion
28 Mar 2018 Jeet Heer. The New Republic.

John Bolton's appointment is a fitting coda to conservatism's failures
23 Mar 2018 Joe Scarborough. Washington Post.

The Florida Senate Approved An AR-15 Ban. Then They Didn't
3 Mar 2018 Sebastian Murdock. Huffington Post.

It's time to say last rites over American conservatism
25 Feb 2018 E.J. Dionne Jr.. Washington Post.

If this is what conservatism has become, count me out
25 Feb 2018 Max Boot. Washington Post.

Trump's Takeover of Conservatism Is Complete and Total
25 Feb 2018 Tim Alberta. Politico.

Missing Conservatism? Just Wait for a Democratic President
20 Feb 2018 Matt Grossmann. New York Times.

Post Politics - `I love Alabama - it's special': At rally for Sen Luther Strange,Trump vents frustrations in rambling speech
23 Sep 2017 Jenna Johnson. Washington Post.