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UK to allow quarantine-free travel with nearly 60 countries - but not the U.S.
3 Jul 2020 Cristina Gallardo. Politico.

More than 500,000 people have been killed by Covid-19. A quarter of them are Americans
29 Jun 2020 Zamira Rahim. CNN.

U.S. Slumps to 10th Spot in World Competitiveness Rankings
16 Jun 2020 Michelle Jamrisko, Eric Martin. Bloomberg.

A president who promised to put `America First' instead turned us into this
15 Jun 2020 Dana Milbank. Washington Post.

Is the US still the world's moral leader? Not after what Trump just did this week
6 Jun 2020 Angela Dewan, Jennifer Hansler. CNN.

Trump has turned America into a pitiful pariah
2 Jun 2020 Max Boot. Washington Post.

Former CDC director says U.S. led the world before becoming a global health 'laggard'
29 May 2020 Joe Davidson. Washington Post.

Trump officials deflect blame for US death toll, escalate reopening push
18 May 2020 Stephen Collinson. CNN.

Crisis exposes how˙America has hollowed out its government
16 May 2020 Dan Balz. Washington Post.

This Florida city is cracking down after 12,000 pounds of trash were hauled from its beaches
12 May 2020 Christina Zdanowicz. CNN.

Other countries are winning against the virus. We are quitting
8 May 2020 Dana Milbank. Washington Post.

The World Is Taking Pity on Us
8 May 2020 Timothy Egan. New York Times.

Allies despair as Trump abandons America's leadership role at a time of global crisis
9 May 2020 Nicole Gaouette, et al. CNN.

FBI: April 2020 Sets Record for Firearm Background Checks
5 May 2020 Hawkins. Breitbart.

World leaders join to pledge $8 billion for vaccine, but the U.S. sits out
5 May 2020 New York Times.

Top economist: US coronavirus response is like 'third world' country
22 Apr 2020 Larry Elliott. The Guardian.

`Sadness' and Disbelief From a World Missing American Leadership
23 Apr 2020 Katrin Bennhold. New York Times.

`A crippling blow to America's prestige:' The government struggles to meet the moment
21 Apr 2020 Ben White. Politico.

US's global reputation hits rock-bottom over Trump's coronavirus response
12 Apr 2020 Simon Tisdall. The Guardian.

Trump touts great success as US becomes world's worst virus epicenter
27 Mar 2020 Stephen Collinson. CNN.

Welcome to the Fractured States of America
12 Nov 2019 Yaffa Frederick. CNN.

Scientific integrity is crumbing under Trump
9 Jul 2019 Kimmel; Whitman. The Hill.

U.S. Has Record Numbers Dying From Drugs, Alcohol, and Suicide
5 Mar 2019 Daily Beast.