See the Total Solar Eclipse's Shadow From Space Apr 8 2024. K.K. Rebecca Lai, William B. Davis. New York Times.

Eastern township


The eclipse will have attracted 55,000 visitors to the Eastern Townships Apr 20 2024. Patrick Trudeau. Le Reflet Du Lac.

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Eastern Townships dot Org Apr 4 2024.

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The total eclipse of April 8, "a unique event not to be missed" Mar 22 2024. Marika Vachon. Le Reflet du Lac.

Eastern Townships 2024 Eclipse Cantons de l'

Future eclipses

When is the next total solar eclipse? It depends on how far you're willing to travel. Apr 9 2024. Ashley Strickland. CNN.

Can't get enough of the total solar eclipse or got clouded out? Here are the next ones to watch for. Apr 9 2024. Adithi Ramakrishnan. Associated Press.

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Post eclipse

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Niagara Region declares state of emergency ahead of eclipse Mar 29 2024. Canadian Press. Le Reflet du Lac.

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Internet Traffic Dipped as Viewers Took in the Eclipse Apr 9 2024. Jenny Gross. New York Times.

Will the total solar eclipse disrupt your cell service? Apr 6 2024. John Towfighi. CNN.

Doughnuts, smoothies, pizza, MoonPie, eyewear - brands are going all out-of-this-world with solar eclipse-themed goodies. Apr 4 2024. Parija Kavilanz. CNN.


Timelapse video shows total solar eclipse (From Newport, VT). Apr 9 2024. ABC News.

Traffic backed up along several major routes Apr 8 2024. Vermont Public.

Solar eclipse in Vermont: The latest updates Apr 7 2024. Vermont Public.

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