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This article tells how to add to MS_Word's Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) any of the many commands which do not appear on the Ribbon. The example used is Send to MS-Powerpoint, but the method is identical for any other command. The method works for MS-Word version 2007 and beyond.

Add Send to Powerpoint to MS-Word's QAT

MS-Word packs an impressive number of tools and commands into its Ribbon, but even the Ribbon doesn't have enough room to accommodate every single Word command, not by a long shot. A convenient way to access such "missing" commands is to add them to Word's Quick Access Toolbar (QAT).

The Send to Powerpoint tool is a powerful way of automatically creating a slide show using content from an MS-Word document which is formatted using Word's built-in heading styles. (It's also an easy way to obtain an outline from a Word document, see " Extracting an Outline in MS-Word").

To add this or any other tool to the QAT in MS-Word, follow these easy steps:

  1. Open MS-Word
  2. In the Word window, locate the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT)
  3. Hover the mouse over the icon at the extreme right side of the QAT (bar over down arrow)
  4. When you see a tooltip that says "Customize Quick Access Toolbar", click there
  5. On the Customize Quick Access Toolbar menu, find "More Commands" and click on it
  6. The Word Options dialog box opens with the "Customize" section selected
  7. Locate the "Choose Commands" from field and click the down arrow
  8. In the list that opens, click on Commands Not in the Ribbon
  9. Click any item in the list beneath that (to shift the focus), and then type the letter "S"
  10. Keep pressing S until you are on the Send to Microsoft Office Powerpoint item
  11. Double-click on Send to Microsoft Office Powerpoint
  12. Click on Ok
  13. The tool should now appear on the Quick Access Toolbar