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How to add a file to the "New" menu of Window's context sensitive menu.

Add a File to the "New" Menu

The "New" menu is found on the context-sensitive menu which appears when the desktop is right-clicked. It offers a quick way to launch an application and begin with a new, blank document.

The following instructions describe a method to add a new item to the New menu.

Note: The following procedure involves creating a new entry in the Windows registry. Unless you are comfortable using Regedit and know how to backup and restore the Windows registry you should not attempt this procedure. If the registry is damaged the Windows operating system can become disabled.

The procedure:

  1. Using the program for which you want to add a New menu item, create a blank document and save it as a template. Include any preferences you want to be reflected in documents based upon it.
  2. Copy this file to the hidden system folder: C:\Windows\ShellNew
  3. Start the Registry Editor and open HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT.
  4. There, find and select the extension for the file type you want to add.
  5. Right-click and choose New -> Key from the context-sensitive menu.
  6. Name the new key ShellNew.
  7. Now select the new key, right-click on it, and choose New -> String Value.
  8. Name the value FileName.
  9. Double-click the new string and modify it to be the filename and extension of the blank template you created above.
  10. Exit the Registry Editor.
  11. After restarting Windows the new item should appear in the New menu.