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In addtion to the standard keyboard shortcuts common to most Windows applications (such as Copy, Cut, and Paste), there are some specialized shortcuts available in MS- Access. They are summarized in the following tables.

MS-Access Keyboard Shortcuts

Undoing Changes




Undoing typing



To undo changes in the current field or current record; if both have been changed, press ESC twice to undo changes first in the current field and then in the current record



Entering data in Datasheet or Form View

  Modifiers Key
To insert the current date Ctrl+ Semicolon (;)
To insert the current time Ctrl+ Colon (:)
To insert the default value for a field Ctrl+Alt+ Spacebar
To insert the value from the same field in the previous record Ctrl+ Apostrophe (')
To add a new record Ctrl+ Plus Sign (+)
To delete the current record Ctrl+ Minus Sign (-)
To save changes to the current record Shift+ Enter
To switch between the values in a check box or option button   Spacebar
To insert a new line Ctrl+ Enter

Refreshing fields with current data

  Modifiers Key
To recalculate the fields in the Window   F9
To requery the underlying tables; in a subform, this requeries the underlying table for the subform only Shift+ F9
Refresh the contents of a Lookup field list box or combo box   F9