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One in a series of exercises that demonstrate how to accomplish real-world computing tasks using time- and work-saving techniques.

Solution to Brain Teaser #3: Transpose Table Rows and Columns

Begin by copying the data to the clipboard

  1. Open the data file using the link
  2. Press Ctrl-A to select all
    (important to include the table borders)
  3. Press Ctrl-C to Copy the selection to the Clipboard
  4. Open MS-Excel
  5. In a new file, with cell A1 selected, press Ctrl-V to Paste
  6. Select the resulting range of cells
  7. Copy the range to the clipboard
  8. Select cell D10
  9. Open the Paste menu on the Home ribbon
  10. Click on Transpose, or press T
    (table rows and columns transposed)
  11. Select the new range
  12. Copy to the clipboard
  13. Paste the transposed table into a blank Powerpoint slide
    (Only the 'Blank slide' & 'Title only' slide layouts will work)