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One in a series of exercises that demonstrate how to accomplish real-world computing tasks using time- and work-saving techniques.

Brain Teaser #2: Sort and Transpose a List


Copy the list below in MS-Word and convert the order of the names in the list from LastName, FirstName to FirstName LastName, and sort the list in ascending order by last name and then first name.

Example: Young, Dana to Dana Young and becomes second to last name in list.

As usual, there is a link below to the solution.


30 seconds.


Young, Dana

Engel, Howard

Zechner, Hans

Chedid, Fouad

Abbey, Edna

Cardinal, Wilfrid

Reuben, Richard

Hannan, Claude

Warner, Patricia

Leroux, Les

Pletos, Nicolas

Gibbons, Irene

Sayer, Frances

Rooney, Patrick

Blais, Irene

Young, Al

Guffey, Allene

Price, Allison

Passero, Anthony

Poole, Arnold

Lingemann, Arron

Untamo, Arthur

Howe, Barb

Sandford, Barry

Tomey, Bart

Peters, Beth

Caldwell, Beverly

Dauksza, Bill

Knowlton, Charles

Rardin, Frank

Ooten, Billy

Hart, Brad