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One in a series of exercises that demonstrate how to accomplish real-world computing tasks using time- and work-saving techniques.

Solution to Brain Teaser #12: Removing hyperlinks from a document

To remove one hyperlink at a time in a Word document, select the hyperlink and then either:

Unfortunately, this method only works on one hyperlink at a time, if multiple hyperlinks are selected, 'Remove Hyperlink' is unavailable.

The 'Clear Formatting' tool in the Font group of MS-Word's Home tab won't work either, it has no effect upon hyperlinks.

However, if we copy and paste the hyperlink text to a plain text editor like Notepad and then copy and paste it back into MS-Word, the hyperlinks are eliminated.

  1. Select all the hyperlinks (Ctrl-A) and copy Open Notepad and paste (Ctrl-V) the hyperlinks
  2. Re-select all the hyperlinks (Ctrl-A)
  3. Paste back into MS-Word
    All formatting, including hyperlink, is removed

Interestingly enough, MS-Excel's Clear Formatting command (Editing group of the Home tab) will remove hyperlink formatting, so exporting it there to clear the formatting would also work.