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One in a series of exercises that demonstrate how to accomplish real-world computing tasks using time- and work-saving techniques.

Solution to Brain Teaser #10: Create a Spreadsheet Using Notepad

  1. Open Notepad
  2. Type in (or cut and paste) the following lines

  3. When finished, open the File menu and click on Save As
  4. Save the file with this name: 'sum_fun.csv' (any name will do, but you must use the .csv file extension)
  5. Close Notepad
  6. Launch MS-Excel
  7. Retrieve the .csv file this way:
    1. Open the File menu and click on Open
    2. Navigate to where you saved 'sum_fun.csv'
    3. Where it says 'All Excel Files (*.xl* etc)' in the Open dialog box, click the drop-down arrow
    4. Click on 'Text Files (*.prn;*.txt;*.cvs)'
    5. When you see the .csv file, double-click it to open

It looks like a spreadsheet, but do the formulas work? Change the value in cell A1, A2, or A3 and press Enter.

What happens? Is it a spreadsheet? Was your friend kidding, or is it possible to create a spreadsheet in Notepad?