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If you're thinking of subscribing to Xplornet satellite Internet service, there's a few things you ought to know.

Your Xplornet satellite Internet service will be frequently non-existent or unusable:

  1. During periods of local rain, snow, and/or overcast
  2. During periods of rain, snow, and/or overcast between the satellite and Xplornet's ground station
  3. During hours of peak usage, such as evenings and holidays
  4. Randomly due to errors like 'DNS not found' - regardless of the time of day or the weather

So as long as you don't need the Xplornet satellite Internet service when it's raining or snowing in your neighborhood (or somewhere else on the continent); and as long as you don't need the Xplornet satellite Internet service during evenings; and as long as you don't mind many of your favorite websites being inaccessible due to random errors, you are sure to enjoy the splendid Internet service provided by Xplornet.

But why is my Internet speed so slow?

Because Xplornet!

Over the years we've suffered through two generations of Xplornet satellite Internet service. Both services have proven themselves to be unreliable and slow. The screenshots here represent only a tiny fraction of the times our Xplornet satellite Internet service has been unavailable or unuseable.

So if you're looking for dependable Internet service and you've been considering Xplornet satellite Internet service, do yourself a big favor and keep looking.

With Xplornet satellite Internet service, what you see is what you get. Just click on thumbnails at your left to preview the Xplornet satellite Internet service.

November 2017 Update
Xplornet continues delivering the excellent Internet service that we've come to expect from them.