1969 Triumph T120R 650 Motorcycle

Gear Selection Quadrant Indexing

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Indexing the Gear Selection Quadrant and Camplate

During final gearbox assembly, as the inner gearbox cover is pushed fully into place, the gear selection quadrant must align properly with the gear selection camplate. If not, subsequent gear selection will be faulty.

Positioning, or "indexing" the parts correctly can be daunting the first time out, but it's actually pretty easy to do.

These photos and drawings illustrate three different methods of achieving a proper alignment.

Illustration #1 and photo #1 show the camplate and gear selection quadrant inside the gearbox when the camplate is positioned between 2nd and 3rd gears. This is the method laid out by the Workshop Manual.

Photo #2 shows the gear change quadrant from outside the inner cover, when inside it has been indexed as described in the WS Manual, i.e. with the camplate plunger located between the camplate's 2nd and 3rd gear indentations.

Photo #3 shows an alternative indexing method, one in which the camplate in placed in the 4th gear position. This method finds favor with many Triumph mechanics over the WS manual's.

Photo #4 shows the third method, that used by Hughie Hancox on his "Triumph Unit 650" DVD. Using the Hancox method, the camplate in placed initially in its 1st gear position.

I've used the WS Manual and 4th gear methods. Both worked, but I actually felt more confident with 4th gear once I played with it a bit. The next time, soon, I'll try Hughie Hancox's method, and I have a feeling there will be something to it.

Whichever method you decide upon, these photos may help you achieve a perfect result. If I can do it you can too. Good luck!

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