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There are dozens of Youtube tutorials dedicated to the repair of Smiths instruments.

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Vintage British Cables

In addition to complete high quality cables offerings, Vintage British Cables will professionally restore or repair your speedo and/or tach as required. Andy Hansen did the most recent restorations of my tach and speedo. Excellent workmanship and quick turn-around.
Vintage British Cables
Alberta, Canada


Nisonger is a name which comes up frequently when recommendations for instrument repair are solicited. I've had two speedometers repaired by Nisonger. Both worked well. Both lasted about 12,000 miles, compared with 35,000 miles for the original. Delays are common. Mix-ups are not. Nisonger Instruments
570 Mamaroneck Ave.
Mamaroneck NY 10543


Puca offers digital replicas of Smiths instruments. Puca

A.E. Pople Speedo Repairs

A.E. Pople

Joel Levine Company

Caution. While some have been satisfied with work done here, more than just a few have had serious issues with reliability and worse.
Joel Levine Co.
610 S. Chattanooga St.
LaFayette, GA 30728 USA
Phone: 404-219-0594
Fax: 404-249-9911
Toll Free: 800-456-6267

No Web Presence

Mark Bohman

Mark Bohman receives consistently good recommendations from customers on line.
Mark Bohman (Ohio)513-367-6402.

Foreign Speedo

2246-1/2 University Ave.
San Diego CA 92104

Alpha Instruments

Ted Sapeija
4891 Keele St Unit 37
Downsview, Ontario Canada M3J 3A4
(416) 736-4267
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