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General Interest Motorcyle Books

Hopwood, Bert. Whatever Happened to the British Motorcycle Industry?".
"Although I knew the ending it was still interesting reading". Ken.

Irving, Phil. Phil Irving, an Autobiography".
".. one of the best books I've ever read. What an interesting life, it reads almost like a novel." Gerry.

Ixion. Motorcycle cavalcade: The history of the Motor Cycle 1884-1950.
"Written by a guy who was there is the pioneer years and knew blokes like Pa Norton. Only read the 1st chapter so far (saving it for long winter nights) but its great history. Took me the ebst part of a year to track down a copy though." Graeme.

Nicholson, J. B. Modern Motorcycle Mechanics, Seventh Edition. 1974.
General information plus specific sections on Ariel, BSA, HD, Honda, Indian, Kawasaki, Matchless and A.J.S., Norton, Panther, Royal Enfield, Sunbeam, Suzuki, Triumph, Velocette, Vincent, Villeirs, and Yahama. Univeral acclaim! [btm].

Radco. The Vintage Motorcyclist's Workshop. 1986. 247pp Photos, drawings.

Staff, "The Motor Cycle". Hints and Tips for Motor Cyclists. 1954.
"A wee book like [The Motorcyclist's Workshop]." Graeme.

Torrens. The Motorcyclist's Workshop, Sixth Edition. 1954. ILLIFE & Sons Ltd, Dorset House, Stamford Street, London, SE1
"First published in 1931, I picked up a 1954 sixth edition at a recent Kempton Park autojumble. It has really knowledgeable and detailed sections on, e.g, the ideal workshop, fitting bearings, lapping, removing sprokets and broken studs, timing and tuning, etc. It is written in a clear and friendly old fashioned style and has masses of delightful line drawings to illustrate points in the text. A real gem IMHO." Bill S.
"I'll second that recommendation! This is a must read if you are a diy'er." Chuck.
"By jove I third Bill's recommendation of Torrens' book! A jolly good read." Graeme.

Triumph Motorcycle Books

Bacon, Roy. Illustrated Motorcycle Legends.

Bacon, Roy. Illustrated Triumph Buyer's Guide.

Bacon, Roy. Triumph Bonneville T120 1959-74.

Bacon, Roy. Triumph Twins Restoration.
Seems to be a consensus that while Bacon's books do suffer from errors they are generally useful. [btm]
"Bacon seems earnest, albeit somewhat misinformed on certain issues.. likely colored by the fact of where he is located." Doug

Bird, Richard. Triumph Bonneville.

Gaylin, David. Triumph in Americal.

Gaylin, David. Triumph Motorcycle Restoration Guide - Bonneville & TR6 1956-1983.
Out-of-print ($200 to $260 on Ebay).
General consensus is that Gaylin's books are well researched and the more accurate than those by Remus and Bacon. [btm]
"THE bible for triumph enthusiasts.. better than Bacon's books and Remus's competing tome. I have all 3 and Gaylin's is my favorite and the one i use the most" Doug.
"Far more useful than Roy Bacon's version."

Gaylin, David. Triumph Racing.
".. has some tips on cams and tuning tips by racers in the back of the book." Doug

Hancox, Hughie. Tales of Triumph Motorcycles & the Meriden Factory. Dorset: Veloce, 1996. ISBN: 1-901295-67-2
"Autobiographical, enjoyable."
Excellent read. Insider view of 50's and 60's Triumph production including many anecdotes about factory hijinks and culture. Interesting tidbits on the evlolution, design, and problems with the Triumph line. Hancox also chronicles his experiences in the Royal Signals MOtor Cycle Display Team. Highly recommended. [btm]

Hancox, Hughie. Unit 650 Rebuild.
Avaiable on DVD (2) and cassette (2). 3 hours 10 minutes showing complete tear-down, inspection, and re-assembly of a 650 unit engine. Also available for non-unit 650 twins. Rave reviews all around.

Hazeldine, Paul. Triumph Bonneville Year by Year.

Kane, Gerard. Original Triumph Bonneville - Restorer's Guide 1959-1983.
"Recommended". "Lots of good detailed colour photos."

Nelson, John. Triumph Bonneville - Super Profile.
Received at least one negative recommendation.

Nelson, John. Bonnie, the Development History of the Triumph Bonneville.

Nicholson, J. B. Modern Motorcycle Mechanics, Seventh Edition. 1974.
General information plus specific sections on Ariel, BSA, HD, Honda, Indian, Kawasaki, Matchless and A.J.S., Norton, Panther, Royal Enfield, Sunbeam, Suzuki, Triumph, Velocette, Vincent, Villeirs, and Yahama. Univeral acclaim! [btm]

Remus, Tim. Triumph Bonneville and TR6.
Generally negative recommendations.
"Good color photos, but many innacuracies".
"Remus... is horribly inaccurate..(Nice shiny pix though)." Doug

Shelton, Stan. Triumph Tuning.
Several positive recommendations. Long out of print, but now updated and readily available according to Doug.

Woolridge, Harry. Triumph Trophy Bible.
"Very good". "Recommended". Author used Triumph production records.

Wilson, Steve. Triumph Motorcycles from 1950 -1988.

Wilson, Steve. Triumph T120/T140 Bonneville. Sparkford: Hanyes Publishing, 2000. ISBN 1-85960-679-2
Chronicles the Bonneville from its beginnings through the "New Millenium Bonnie". Details year-to-year changes and has many photos. Situates the Bonneville in popular culture and includes a Who's Who chapter. I found the writing stilted and contrived and the effort required to read it blunted my initial enthusiasm for the book. Bruce Miller.

BSA Motorcycle Books

Bacon, Roy. BSA Twins and Triples: The Postwar A7/A10, A50/A65, and Rocket III. Osprey, 1980.

Bacon, Roy. BSA Gold Star and Other Singles. Osprey, 1982.

Bacon, Roy. BSA Twin Restoration. Osprey, 1986.

Bacon, Roy. BSA Singles Restoration. Osprey, 1988.

Bacon, Roy. BSA A7/A10 Twins: All Models, 1946-1963. Niton, 1989.

Bacon, Roy. BSA Bantam: All Models. Niton, 1989.

Bacon, Roy. Illustrated BSA Buyer's Guide. Niton, 1990.

Bacon, Roy. BSA Unit Singles: C15 to B50, 1958-1973. Niton, 1990.

Bacon, Roy. BSA A50/A65 Twins: All Models, 1962-1972. Niton, 1990.

Bacon, Roy. BSA Pre-Unit Singles: B,C, and M ranges. Niton, 1991.

Bacon, Roy. BSA Rocket 3 & Triumph Trident 1968-1976. Niton, 1991.

Clark, R.M., ed. BSA Twins A7 & A10 Gold Portfolio 1946-1962. Brooklands, c1996.

Clark, R.M., ed. BSA Twins, A50 & A65 Gold Portfolio 1962-1973. Brooklands, c1996.

Clew, Jeff. BSA Bantam Super Profile. Haynes, 1983.

Cycle World on BSA 1962-1971. Brooklands, 1987.

Falco, Charles. The Gold Star Buyer's Companion. Pacific, 1996.

Gardner, John. BSA Goldstar Super Profile. Haynes, 1985.

Golland, A. Goldie: The Development History of the Gold Star BSA. Haynes, 1978.

Holliday, Bob. Story of BSA Motorcycles. Patr.Stephens, 1978.

Main-Smith, Bruce. The Gold Star Book. Main-Smith, 1974.

Morley, Don. Classic Motorcycles: BSA. Osprey, 1991.

Parkhurst, Joe. Hurricane Named Vetter, A: The Story of the Last BSA Motorcycle. Vetter, 1978.

Ratio, Rupert (aka Barry Ryerson). BSA Unit Singles Engine Manual.
"It is about the most valuable resource I have for dealing with my unit B-models." Bill Litant

Ryerson, Barry. Giants of Small Heath, The: The History of BSA. Haynes, 1980.

Vanhouse, Norman. BSA Competition History. Haynes, 1986.

Wright, Owen. BSA M20 & M21 Super Profile. Haynes, 1955.

Wright, Owen. BSA A7 & A10 Twins Super Profile. Haynes, 1984.

Wright, Owen. BSA: The Complete Story. Crowood, 1992.