The Usual Suspects

69 T120R Front/Rear Wheel Axle Parts Illustrated

Bruce Miller 2014

With 60,000 miles on her odometer I decided to treat the Bonnie to new brake shoes and wheel bearings this spring.

When time came to reassemble I was unsure about the correct placement and orientation of all those ring and retainer thingies that go with the front and rear wheel bearings, so I began researching.

After consulting numerous sources, including the Triumph Workshop manual, the #7 parts book, the BritBike Triumph forum archives, several vendors and mechanics, and Pete Snidal's Triumph 101 CD, I realized that no single source provided me with a complete, unambiguous, and totally correct version of the assemblies.

Only after painstakingly cross-referencing all the sources did I come up with a complete and (I hope) accurate picture.

The following web pages offer a comprehensive, fully cross-referenced series of photos and illustrations that should clear up any confusion.

The case opens with a line-up of all the usual suspects from four different views. From there, follow links to positively ID the suspects and then situate them at the scene of the crime.

Happy sleuthing!