1969 Triumph T120R 650 Motorcycle

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Having Triumph 650 gearbox issues? With a little intel and a lot of perseverance you can Triumph! Here's my gearbox cheatsheat: illustrations, diagrams, factory bulletins, assembly methods, and links to sage advice.
Hermit's Field Guide to Bonnie, the Gearbox

There are many ways to put a Triumph 650 gearbox back together. Here's a side-by-side comparison of the methods described by the Triumph workshop manual, the Haynes workshop manual, and, the master himself, Hughie Hancox:
Triumph Gearbox Assembly Methods Comparison

Here are some reference photos of the Triumph Bonneville 650 gearbox components - assembled and apart:
Triumph 650 Gearbox Components Reference Photos

Watch as this Triumph 650 gearbox photo animation shifts up and down through the gears:
Triumph 650 Gearbox Animation (front view).

Watch the same gearbox animation but viewed from the rear:
Triumph 650 Gearbox Animation (rear view).

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Have you seen Hermit's Animated Triumph Gearbox yet? It's pretty cool. Pick your view and take a look!

From back looking forward

From front looking back

Camplate Indexing
Illustrations and photos depicting three different methods to index the gear selection camplate and quadrant in a Triumph Unit 650 Gearbox