Monday November 10 2014

Snow Drifts
4C Solid cloud cover

From Derby Line the Valley Road through Holland down to Vt 111 and Seymour Lake. West on 111.

There was a fair bit of snow laying about on the high ground around Holland.

Hoping to see Jeff of Cycles Unlimited I stopped at the shop but it was closed. Too bad, at that point I was thinking of buying a skidoo suit if he any my size.

Went up the east side of Lake Derby and got on the incomparable Nelson Hill Road (more terns than a Long Island landfill) back to Derby Line via Herrick Hill.

Just as I pulled over on the most scenic stretch of Nelson Hill Road, clouds to the south opened enough to send dozens of shafts of soft sunlight down upon the mountains along the south and west horizons. When I looked above Herrick Hill behind me to the North, the sky was nearly black.

There actually were snow drifts along the road below the steep hill that pastures the work horses from the family farm down in the hollow below.

Up to the top of Herrick Hill from which I coasted back down to Derby Line before crossing into Rock Island.

Passed up the quick autoroute trip for the scenic Hackett and McShane out of Stanstead, past Tomifobia, around Fitch Bay the bay, and up the Under Bunker.

Was a bit chilly on the ride, but not at all terribly uncomfortable. I didn't realize how chilled I was until I got back to the house. Fortunately LA had the Dutchwest rolling and after a hot lunch I'm ready to go outside and work.

Fifty-six miles with stops only for border crossings and a quick mail check in Derby Line.

  • Three layers (2 long sleeve) beneath coat
  • Long johns and jeans
  • Two pairs of socks and work boots
  • Mittens
  • Balaclava

Tomorrow is supposed to be partly sunny, partly cloudy and 12C. My plan is to go back roads to Burke Mountain through Orleans, Barton, and West Burke. Then, unless it's snow- covered, take the toll road up to the top of the mountain.

Possibly returning by way of Newark and Long Ponds, then Job's Pond and Island Pond and Seymour Lake.