Wednesday November 5 2014

Evrone knows its Windy

Around the Lake on another windy and balmy afternoon. Windy as in "wild and windy".

There were showers in the forecast, but none fell on me and the sun was blasting through clearings in the clouds and shining its magic lantern across the landscape.

Took chemin Girl's Camp along the Lake and stopped over at the abandoned cottage long enough to climb down to lake level and take some photos.

After going over Owl's Head I followed the scenic route along chemins Province Hill and Bellevue and then Airport Road over to 243 and the North Troy/Highwater border crossing.

I passed up the chance to drop by Big Falls, and Paddy's Snack Bar was closed. Turned up Vance Hill Road in Newport Center and watched the sun setting behind the mountains from the top before taking Lake Road into Newport.

Around the other side of the Lake and down Darling Hill Road before popping up in Derby Line for gas and then heading home.