Tuesday November 4 2014

7C Heavy overcast

From Ayers Cliff I took the Boynton road all the way to Ticehurst Corners and then Amy all the way to Under Bunker.

Stopped by JP's for a visit.

Very balmy evening - very comfy in light gloves. There were many deer out in the fields in spite of pickup trucks (hunters) parked everywhere.

An easy landing tonight as I raked and mowed the runway yesterday and today. The hill up to the orchard finally dried out - just in time for rain tonight and tomorrow morning.

When I kicked the Bonnie over the first time yesterday she kicked back and slapped my foot pretty hard. All day today it felt like I had shin splints, but lower, just above the ankle. The ankle is swollen and it hurts to pivot my foot up and down - as in using the shift lever.