Tuesday October 28 2014

Honey Wagons Everywher

Showers yielded to clearing skies around 4 pm and I convinced myself to take a Bonnie ride.

I finally shoved off at five.

Thought I'd ride out to Bob's, say "hi", and turn around for home, but the sun was already setting by the time I got to Martinville and I chickened out and turned around.

All the farms were spreading manure and the air was heavy with it. The flashing yellow lights of tractors were everywhere and the stretches of road from barns to fields were covered with a slick of cow shit.

The ride back was fabulous - a glorious red sunset overlooked by a first quarter moon. And an eerie, low-hanging fog filled the hollows and crept across the fields.

Considerable fish-tailing on the final approach to the Bonnie Castle as the muddy grassy landing strip is covered in leaves and very wet.

Depart: 5; Return: 6:30; Distance: 44 mi.