Friday November 8 2013

Cool Ride

Bob picked me up at 6:30am and we drove down to McIndoe Falls to pick up the Honda he bought last week.

Pleasant trip down and back and an interesting time spent with Dale at his shop.

I was back by noon and after firing up the wood stove in the New House I dragged the Bonnie out for a trip down to the border to do some banking.

Took 143 up to Massawippi on my return trip and then 108 back to Ayer's Cliff. Not yet being numb I made a quick run around Lake Massawippi as far as Turnertown before returning Bonnie to the Castle.

I was dressed fairly lightly for the 38F temperature, but I did remember to wear the balaclava so I stayed pretty comfy except for fingertips at the very end of the ride. I thought the mitts would be too warm for 38F and they undoubtedly would have been, but the gloves were not quite warm enough at the end of the 27 miles.