Wednesday November 6 2013

Big Falls

With a warm wind blowing out of the south and temperature in the fifties I left the Castle at noon for a trip around Lake Memphremagog.

Took my time, making many stops including a 45 minute lay-over at Big Falls where I took some photos.

Here are photos and a description of Big Falls.

Arrived at the Cow Palace around 3:45 and Rich came along at four. We drank beers, ate, and talked for a couple of hours and I got home just before 7 with the temperature still in the 50's.

View from above Vale Perkins

Owl's Head Cemetery

The Scenic Route

  • Magog
  • Austin
  • Knowlton Landing
  • Vale Perkins
  • Perkin's Landing
  • Chemin Owl's Head (gravel)
  • Chemin Leadville (gravel)
  • Chemin Bellevue (gravel)
  • Chemin Aeroport (gravel)
  • Highwater
  • North Troy
  • River Road (gravel)
  • Big Falls
  • North Troy
  • Bear Mountain Road (gravel)
  • Farrar Road (gravel)
  • Leadville Road (gravel)
  • Lake Road
  • Newport

  • Derby
  • Cow Palace

  • Newport
  • Lakeview Road
  • North Derby Road
  • Beebe
  • Elm Street
  • Derby Line
  • Stanstead
  • Home on the gravel