Thursday October 31 2013

Trick or Treat

Set out for the border with the idea of picking up Bear Mountain Road from the west side of Vance Hill and taking it all the way to North Troy. Got only as far as Newport.

As Bonnie purred along the Lake I could see that the sky to the west was totally socked in. As I neared Newport rain began falling so without hesitation I turned up East Main and high-tailed it homeward in advance of the front.

When I got to Lake Massawippi there were only a few drops of rain falling lightly so I took a quick run up to Turnertown before turning around and heading home.

Negociating the new gravel wasn't so bad, but the wet grass and turkey poop were more than a match for my smooth rear tire and I peeled up quite a bit of turf on my way to the Bonnie Castle.

Trick or Treat?