Wednesday October 30 2013

Short Ride

Another early start in the woods. Pushed the Northwest Passage all the way through this morning! Still need half a day to clean up a couple of fallen bull spruces that I've only cut off the limbs on the top and one side. I need to finish limbing them and then cut up their trunks to get them all the way off the trail. This is going to be one sweet ski trail!

By the time I got back to the house there was only an hour before my ride arrived to take me down to Kyle's and pick up my car. Enough for a quick ride up to Katevale and back on asphalt I reasoned.

Once again body heat from clearing brush was my friend. Dressed very lightly (no long johns, no balaclava, just jeans and a long-sleeve shirt under my jacket, but I was comfortable enough for the fifteen miles at 36 degrees.

Still no rain by the time I got back and I thought about a second ride, but I was actually pretty tired so decided against it.