Monday October 28 2013


Went into the woods when the rain stopped just after noon. Clearing out fallen bull spruce along the Northwest Passage - some perpendicular to the trail, but many parallel and right on the trail.

Knocked off and got back to the house just before five. I had discarded my two outer layers early in the afternoon and abandoned them in the woods. Now I peeled off my sweat- drenched Tee and replaced it with a dry one and a long-sleeved shirt before donning my riding jacket, balaclava, and mitts.

Rolled out of the Bonnie Castle just past 5:15 and headed for Katevale. The sun was just above the mountains in the west at the top of hill and feeling pretty toasty I pushed on to North Hatley where I decided to continue on around Lake Massawippi to Ayer's Cliff.

By the time I made Felgarth Farm the sun had sunk below Bunker Hill and long clouds along the horizon were lighting up orange, silver, and purple. In the distance I could see the snow-covered trails of Owl's Head.

It was still a bit light when I got back to the Bonnie Castle just before six: 28 miles in just over 40 minutes.

I started a fire in the sauna on my way back from the Castle and when I arrived at the house the mercury was at 29F.

I was quite toasty throughout the ride, except for about four inches of my shins. The bottom two inches were covered only by my socks and the two inches above them only by the wet cuffs of my jeans. Considering I had no long johns on and only a Tee and shirt under my jacket it was surprising I was so warm. I'm thinking the body heat I worked up all afternoon clearing brush made the difference.

When things get colder perhaps I should consider having a sauna before my rides!