Sunday October 27 2013

Bonus Ride!

It rained so much this morning I'd written off the day, but it stopped around noon so I decided on a quick trip to Katevale.

The gravel was very greasy and what with Bonnie's rear tire being so bald I decided to stick principally to asphalt. The tar was dry some places and wet others. There was no sun so the difference seemed to be the type of surface more than orientation.

Today I added a third layer beneath my riding jacket (tee, long underwear, and wool shirt) and also tried out the balaclava I picked up yesterday.

New riding mitts were again too warm, causing my hands to be slightly clammy inside. They are presently laid out on the hearth drying out. I also decided to bring my helmet over to the house since I haven't yet started heating the Bonnie Castle.

When I got to Katevale I was so toasty that I rolled on to North Hatley. There I was still very comfy so turned up the Capleton road and then took McFarland.

From the top of McFarland I could see the snow-covered ski trails on Mt. Orford.

At McFarland's end I turned back towards N. Hatley on Ch North Hatley. Talk about cracks and heaves! Stopped to relieve myself off the gravel ending of Ch North Hatley and flushed a pair of grouse.

Took newly-paved Ch Bachand (108) up to 246 and 246 to Katevale.

There was a hunter in Katevale showing off his moose in the back of a pickup truck. At the other end of town someone on a bicycle gave me a big smile and a wave. I thought it was Mrs. Foyle at first but now I'm thinking it was M. "Carte d'amour".

In Turnertown it started misting. When I got home LA said there was quite a downpour while I was gone.

Oh, someone had thrown trash out their car window up the road. I stopped and gathered it all up and was quite delighted to see that scraps of an envelope pieced together revealed a name and address in Stanstead.

Personally I'd like to see finger amputations for litterbugs. In any case, Mr. R.B. in Stanstead is definitely going to be the recipient of some kind of guerrilla action on my part.