Sunday October 6 2013

CVMG Estrie

October's meeting was convened at the shop of our founding president, B.

Rain was promised for the event, so while it was well- attended, only a few members arrived by motorbike. These brave and hardy members included L.D., L.M. and friend N., and someone ? on a Goldwing.

Driving home in the blackness and pouring rain after the meeting, I was grateful for not being on the road with the Prince of Darkness as my only guide.

B's spacious shop, stuffed to the rafters with noteworthy objects, provided ample fodder for discussion. A chief focal point was B's latest project bike - "the Monster". A hopped-up Honda 750 with Suzuki front and rear ends, it features plenty of artisanal special features by B., as well as some stunning specialty work by the club's genius machinist in residence, R.S-C.

Another item of interest was B's recently acquired reciprocating hacksaw. Much conjecture ensued over the purpose of some of the saw's odd features, which closely resemble gun sights. Suggestions ran the gamut from fixtures for supporting a water hose, to an off-beat sense of humor on the part of the saw's creator.

The animated group eventually came to order under the able direction of President L. The main point for discussion was which marque to feature at next year's bike show in Richmond, Quebec. Harley Davidson had been previously informally suggested, but some members wondered if the club could muster sufficient vintage Harley iron to make a good showing. M.F. suggested having Harley Davidson and Honda share the spotlight. The discussion finished with the decision to give the matter more study between now and the next meeting.

Pandemonious camaraderie resumed following official club business until one and all went off into the rainy night.