Friday October 25 2013

Neighborhood Quickie

Contrary to Environment Canada's forecast, no showers have materialized yet today.

With the sun peeking in and out of the clouds all morning I decided to go while the going was good and shoved off just after 10 am.

Sunshine was strobing through the maples along the Under Bunker but disappeared by the time I reached the top of Fitch Bay.

Followed Brown's Hill back to the Cliff, veered west on 141, and rounded the southern end of Lake Massawippi.

Not having yet lost feeling in any of my extremities, I opted for a quick run up to Katevale via Chemin de la Montagne. There the wind was blowing even heavier than on Brown's Hill.

Walking back from the Bonnie Castle I picked apples to make fruit salad later.

Started a fire in the Dutchwest and as soon as I can damp it down I'll go out and work some more on the Northwest Passage.