Wednesday October 23 2013

No Showers/Chilly
New mitts too warm

Put on the riding mitts for the first time and they got pretty damp from my sweaty hands!

Tore up the gravel between Kingscroft, Hatley, Coaticook, and Ways Mills for an hour-an-a-half.

This is a very nice end-of-day ride that features two tight loops and a lot of western sky views.

Highlights included a couple of miles of surfing in the wake of a road grader on Curtis: at speed on nice loose stuff - a very consistent blanket of 1 1/2-2 inches of fine gravel with no lumpy rocks. Excellent grader jockey!

  • Out of Burrough's Falls, East on 141
  • North on Ch Audet
  • East on Ch Simard
  • North on Ch de Kingscroft
  • South-east on Ch de Barnston

    Here we go loop-de-loop

  • East on Ch Moreau
  • North on Ch Moreau (big bend)
  • West on Ch Curtis
  • South on Ch Roy
  • South and East on Ch Ménard

  • Cross 141 onto Ch Madoré
  • South-west on Madoré into Ways Mills

    Here we go loop-de-li

  • North onto Ch Ways Mills
  • South-west on Labbé
  • East on Ch Standish
  • North on Ch Ways Mills

  • West on 141 back to Burrough's Falls