Tuesday October 15 2013

Revisiting Gravel

The natural beauty and panoramic views of places like Brownington, Holland, Morgan, Westmore, and other Northern Vermont scenic wonders make a stunning visual backdrop to motorbiking in the Northeast Kingdom.

Riding friend Rich is a life-long native of the area and has a profound knowledge of the Northeast Kingdom's gravel roads, and gravel roads naturally have the very best views.

Both going and coming on our ride to Errol last weekend Rich took us on gravel through Morgan. I enjoyed it so much that I opted to return to that area this afternoon.

From Holland I took Mead Hill to Morgan and then out the Morgan Charleston Road to Echo Lake.

Echo Lake

Morgan Charleston Road changes to Tamarak Drive at the town border and then splits into East and West Echo Lake Roads around opposite sides of the Lake.

At the other end of the Lake, East and West Echo are collected by Church Hill Road, which passes by Hillside Cemetery on its way to West Charleston (Route 105).

I went around the east side of Lake Echo and down to 105. The intersection of Church Hill Road and 105 is the site of the (now closed) West Charleston Country Store and also where its (now razed) grand old barn used to stand.

I turned around and went up the west side of Echo to return to Morgan.

Just before Morgan I went west, on Sunset Drive. Then north on Mead Hill all the way to Bates Hill Road which took me to my Nelson Hill doodle back to Derby Line and then gravel from Stanstead to Tomifobia and Fitch Bay.

All in all it was 57 miles and a glorious way to spend a few hours on such a gorgeously sunny and warm October day.