Thursday October 17 2013

Max Gravel

Rowan at Farm

Stopped at the Pickel farm and had a lovely visit with Rowan and the kids.

They're really fixed the old place up! The house inside and out, the shed moved, quite an ambitious vegatable garden and fence, and great looking flower gardens all around the house. Wonderful!

At Austin I went out to the cemetery to see the dead Pickels.

Continuing north on Millington I took Taylor over the hill and back down to the lake. Very nice view of Lake Memphremagog coming down Taylor.

Instead of continuing the loop towards Patterson and Austin, I turned around and tried Taylor going the other way. Not as satisfactory - too many washboards going up.

Looped back on course with Patch.

Instead of going through Mansonville I rode the gravel all the way from Vale Perkins to 243 just before the border.

(Ch Owls Head, Ch de Leadville, Ch Bellevue, and Ch Aeroport)

Followed the usual scenic route, hugging the Lake all the way around the southern shore and back up to Beebe Plain.