Wednesday October 2 2013

Four Ponds

Met Rich in Derby Line and settled on riding up around Long Pond.

We took Hinneman Settler down to Brownington and then cut across to Lake Willoughby on Old Schoolhouse Road. Old Schoolhouse Road affords some of the nicest views around of the spectacular Lake Willoughby environs.

From Lake Willoughby we went up to Long Pond where we stopped for a few minutes and then continued on Long Pond Road to Newark Pond.

Long Pond

From Newark Pond we made a side-trip to Bald Hill Pond. Back-tracking from there we followed Abbot Hill Road down to VT 114 and east onto VT 105 into Island Pond.

Note: it's the same great, long gravel road all the way from Long Pond to VT 111, but its name changes from Abbot Hill Road at the top, to Newark Pond Road halfway down to the highway.

We took a break at Island Pond and rode back to Derby before splitting up. Rich turned up Hinneman Settler and I followed the Derby Pond road over to Nelson Hill.

At the top of Nelson Hill I turned onto Herrick, cut the engine, and enjoyed the panorama of North-West-South while coasting down to Derby Line, startling cattle all the way.