Monday October 7 2013

Test Ride

After timing engine

Cloudy with sunny breaks and very windy, but relatively warm. No rain yet.

Lately Bonnie's been giving me the vibes in the seat of my pants, so I decided to check her ignition timing and found the right cylinder advanced. Retarding adjustment of the secondary plate was maxed out so I had to move the primary plate and then reset both cylinders. The resulting saddle comfort made it well worth the effort!

For a test ride I took the south gravel down to the town of Fitch Bay and from there to Cedarville on the east gravel, and then back to Fitch Bay on the west gravel.

Left on 247 at Apple Grove and down the big hill to Fitch Bay. Continuing out the other side of town on 247, up the curves to the chicken ranch with a view and then down, past the golf course into Georgeville for the obligatory wharf pause.

After, north on 247 to Magog, where right on Principal and then shortest distance between two points out the other side headed east to Katevale on Chemin de la Cote.

In one side of Katevale, AKA Ste Catherine de Hately, or, as we like to call it, St Cat de Hat, and out the other.

Still on 247, heading towards North Hatley, but only as far as Chemin Gingras.

Climbing the grade towards the top of Gingras, I see ahead quite a large flock of wild turkeys crossing the road near a hedge. Half of them cross very quickly but the other half hesitate as Bonnie and I draw closer.

I pull over and kill the engine, and watch as the remainder of the flock circle and hesitate and finally take heart and take another run at the road: first one, then another, then two's and three's until they are all across but for one indecisive jake. After a couple of aborted tries, he finally streaks across like the Roadrunner himself and rejoins the flock.

West on Chemin de la Montagne from Gingras and back to Katevale. South on 247 to Chemin Ayer's Cliff for the return trip through Turner Town and around Lake Massawippi's shoreline curves.