Monday June 4 2007

Quebec: Hatley/Compton/Moe's River/Martinville
St Malo/East Hereford

Vermont: Beecher Falls/Canaan/Norton/Seymour
Lake/Morgan/Derby Line

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Weather June 2007

Windy day, partly sunny at departure tiem. Becoming increasingly cloudy
and hazy. Cooling temperatures from East Hereford to Seymour Lake.

Time and Distance

  • 105 miles (Ayer's Cliff to Ayer's Cliff)

  • Total time: 3:15
  • Driving time: 2:10
  • Average speed: 48.6 mph

    Stops included 2 border crossings, 1 fuel stop, roadwork, 25-minute
    lunch (Seymour Lake), and photo stops.


    • Ayer's Cliff [0 mi]; Rte 208 to:
    • Massawippi; cont. Rte 208 to:
    • Hatley; cont. Rte 208 to:
    • Compton [14 mi]; cont. Rte 208 to:
    • Moe's River; Rte 208 to:
    • Martinville; Rte 251 to:
    • St. Edwidge; Rte 206 to:
    • St. Malo; Rte 253 to:
    • Paquette; cont. Rte 253 to:
    • East Hereford; cont. Rte 253 to:
    • Beecher Falls, VT [70 mi]; US Rte 102 to:
    • Canaan, VT; US Rte 114 to:
    • Walace Pond; cont. US Rte 114 to:
    • Averille, VT; cont. US Rte 114 to:
    • Norton, VT; cont. US Rte 114; US Rte 111 to:
    • Seymour Lake; Valley Road to:
    • Holland, VT; cont. Valley Road; Holland Road to:
    • Derby Line; Autoroute 55 to:
    • Ayer's Cliff [105 mi]

    As an alternative to the Valley Road and Holland Road between Seymour Lake and Derby Line, continue west on Route 111 (great hills and views) to Derby Center and then take Route 5 back up to Derby Line and the border.


    • All ashphalt
    • 2013 Update: All roads here in good or excellent condition
    • Caution: Canadian routes 208, 251, 206, and 253 are bicycle routes
    • Caution: US Valley and Holland roads always sandy

    Canadian route is mostly hilly farm country but forest from St. Malo to East Hereford. Norton to Island Pond (114) offers twists turns and rises and dips through forest.

    Many stretches follow high ground and offer views and panoramas.

    General Notes

    Highest point: 600 meters at Saint Malo.

    Compare going to seed dandilions pictured in Hatley with those still very much in bloom in Saint Malo. Shorter growing season for sure at Saint Malo's elevation.

    The gas bar/restaurant on Seymour Lake has been closed for several years as of this writing (2013), but the Morgan General Store just two miles up Route 111 offers outstanding hot/cold sandwhiches and burgers and an excellent beverage selection, including my favorite imported nut brown ale. Indoor and outdoor tables and seating are available.

    Gas stations

    • Ayer's Cliff
    • Martinville
    • Beecher's Falls/Canaan
    • Norton
    • Morgan (General Store)
    • Derby Line

    Only one store in Saint Malo. It sells beer and fireworks.