Sunday November 4 2007

North Hatley

Spent the morning and early afternoon drawing, chucking, and stacking three cords of wood and a couple of hours of recreational chain- sawing. In this case clearing brush within the lakeside view. Knees holding up remarkably well.

Finally at 2:15 (new time), down to Crooks for a thorough wash and dry session. Afterwards the mandatory points-drying session, and then, with specks of rain on the face plate, I headed towards home. There were no more specks at the overpass, so I made a u-turn and went back down to the Katevale road.

Around the Lake and up to Katevale (no high-gravel detour today). In Katevale I got to take for the first time the newly-opened 108 bypass of the old, horrid (Lac Magog) lake-side asphalt.

Down 108 almost to the stop sign at the bottom of the hill, but turning around just before and back up the hill for a right onto University.

A car/bike path here, University starts off looking like someone's driveway and right away turns into a series of winding switchbacks completely covered with washboard.

The good thing about this part of University is that it goes along a high ridge covered by beautiful farms; slightly older and more in an English style than those I'm used to seeing further east.

University intersects two or three roads, including Minton Hill, in a weird little intersection at the top. Minton Hill descends to the Capleton road (via McFarland).

Minton is much, much longer than the hill on University and has even more washboard, which is also complemented by deep ruts and large rocks jutting up from the roadbed. Gets the loose stuff off!

Right on Capleton and down to the village where I swung through the parking lot at the Pub to see perchance if there were any other two- wheelers about. Negative, so back to Kateville by the old road along Lake Massawippi.

The old road's been patched a bit, and the bumpiest part (between the Pig and Katevale) has been paved over. Lumpy sort of surface, but light-years smoother than what was there so this scenic route is now a competitor with the new, smooth but boring asphalt on the other side of Katevale. Might make a good cold-weather loop!