Monday October 22 2007

Back on the Road!
2x Katevale

Tore off primary and outer gearbox covers Monday morning and, as foreseen by Ron Patterson, found the nut on the end of the gearbox mainshaft loose. Off, actually. This was why the end of the clutch adj screw was drilling it's way through the inspection port in the primary chain case.

Everything worked like a charm on a test run up to Katevale (via La Montagne) and back. Great run - with all the gravel road improvements and repaving around Katevale it's almost worth looping up there and back.

It was so warm and beautiful that I had no problem at all convincing Paul to go for a ride with me after I picked him up from school and we covered the same route to Katevale plus we went up Le Summet.


  • 27 October 2007
  • Bonnie's clutch might already out of proper adjustment last year (2006) - I recall Pickle's observation that friction point was at very end of action.

    Since tightening the nut Bonnie hasn't popped out of first gear once on the driveway as is her wont to do.