Saturday October 20 2007


What a fabulous ride! Gravel roads are generally in excellent condition, although after last night's heavy rains those that were graded recently were pretty greasy before they dried up in the wind.

After being out for what seemed to be quite a while, I looked down to see that there were just seventeen miles on the tripmeter. I wondered how I could have so much fun and see so much in just seventeen miles!

Like to repeat this ride soon. A leaf-peeper special this is, with miles and miles of narrow, maple-lined lanes and sweeps and up-and-down twists through sugar bushes. Yes!

Temps and Times

  • Depart: 10:30am, 14C
  • Return: 2:00pm, 16C
  • Mileage: 52


  • Are you kidding? Everywhere - 40 photos.



  • A-C
  • Massawippi
  • Chemin de la Ruisseau
  • left on Frappier
  • left on Chemin de Kingscroft
  • hard right (45 degrees) on Chemin de Barnston
  • left on Curtis Road
  • left at T on Chemin Quirion
  • left at T on Chemin Dube/Bowen
  • {in case you forgot to count, 3 lefts makes a loop back to Chemin de Barnston}
  • right on Wells Road after Hatley village
  • left on Chemin Dessaint
  • right on Chemin Cote (i've now approached this Y from all three directions)
  • left on Chemin du Brule
  • turns into Rue Principale - Waterville
  • ?
  • ?
  • Milby
  • From Milby, continued North, Rte 147
  • (Chemin Orr out of Milby leads to Rte 251 just S of Johnville)
  • Rte 147 through Huntingville to Rte 143
  • Left (south) on 143
  • Took the 108 at Earlstown to North Hatley
  • Continued on Rte 108 to Katevale (Detour: old crappy road being bypassed/paved)
  • Rte 108 down hill towards Magog - repaved so one can actually peek at the spectacular views
  • Left on Chemin Forrand
  • Right on the Ayer's Cliff Road around the lake, back to Rte 141, and home


Curtis Road

Chemin Quirion?

Church in Milby