Friday October 5 2007

Evansville VT


  • Departure 9 am, 52 F.
  • Return 1:25 pm, 78 F.
  • Two gas-ups
  • Two R&R stops, 15 minutes each (Jay and Hazen's Notch)
  • 4 1/2 hours, 138 miles


I've always liked going around the lake counter-clockwise more than clockwise. Now I have to say I prefer going south and east when doing the leg from North Troy to Montgomery Center and through the notch to Lowell.

  • Counter clockwise around Lake Memphremagog starting at Magog
  • Sugar Loaf Pond Road alternate to Vale Perkins
  • North Troy
  • Jay
  • Montgomery Center
  • East on Hazen's Notch Road
  • Side trip up the no-name road past the unbelievable factory with the silt pile from here to eternity
  • 58 East through Lowell, Irasburg, and Orleans over to Lake Willoughby
    A lot of really rough asphalt through here...
  • Derby Center
  • Derby Line
  • Home via Autoroute 55


  • Lovely old cemetery on Cemetery Road off of road to Richmond (on left) out of North Troy