Friday September 21 2007


The Moe's River "detour" is a great diversion and I love the twisties around Bulwar and Birchton. These are acute twists in a narrow road with not the greatest surface so they are to be enjoyed at a moderate rate of speed.


  • Compton

    Moe's River Detour:

  • In Moe's River:
  • Left on Chemin de Couture
  • Right on Chemin de Cookshire
  • Johnville
  • Right on Chemin de Jordan Hill
  • Bulwar
  • Continue on Jordan Hill
  • Left on Chemin Smith
  • Birchton
  • Route 108 to
  • Cookshire
  • Route 253 sud
  • Just before Sawyerville:

    The Sawyerville-Martinville shortcut

  • Right on Chemin de High Forest
  • Right on Chemin de Sawyerville
  • Left on Chemin Bulwar
  • Right on Chemin de St. Isadore
  • Martinville
  • Route 208 - Moe's River - Compton - Hatley