Tuesday September 25 2007

Hazen's Notch

Matt put me on to Hazen's Notch. Hazen's Notch Road is a lovely 5-mile stretch of gravel that snakes through the notch between Lowell and Montgomery Center.

There's some pretty dramatic scenery through the Notch, but no cleared places big enough to view it clearly. When the leaves are down would be a good time to pass this way.

Route 242 out of Montgomery Center towards Jay is rough at the beginning but soon smooths out and offers great twists and turns up and up and then down, down, down. All this against a constant scenic backdrop of mountains and valleys.



  • Departure: 10:30am. Return: 1:20pm.
  • 80 F upon return
  • 15-minute gas, coffee, and map session in Derby Line


  • Derby Line
  • Newport
  • Troy (Route 100)
  • Lowell
  • Hazen's Notch Road (Route 58 West)
  • Montgomery Center (Route 242 East)
  • Jay Peak
  • Jay
  • North Troy (Route 101 North)
  • Route 243 to Candian border
  • Mansonville
  • Vale Perkins
  • Austin
  • Magog