Friday September 7 2007

Caanan,VT - East Hereford,QC

Same ride as yesterday, except that today I went for the whole enchilada by doing the Compton-Martinville-Ste Edwidge loop counter-clockwise from Coaticook.


I clocked 115 miles in just under three hours. This included a gas stop in Caanan and quick stops for a dozen photos.

Interesting making the Compton loop in an anti-clockwise direction. I guess it's the novelty, but I really liked the piece from Coaticook to Martinville going in that direction.

  • 141 East from Burroughs Falls
  • Right on Chemin Caron (very twisty, sharp turns!) Bridge on Caron
  • Left on Chemin de Ways Mills
  • Ways Mills
  • Left on Chemin Madore
  • Right on Chemin Isabelle
  • Right on Chemin Provencher (twisty)
  • Left on Chemin Stage
  • Past Heathoton Cemetery, right onto Chemin Routhier Pinnacle from Routhier
  • Right on Chemin Goudreau View from Goudreau
  • Left on Chemin Haskell
  • Baldwin Mills - The Pinnacle

  • Chemin May (mostly smooth - Serpentine)
  • Chemin de Baldwin Mills-Stanhope Photo
  • ? - Right at 4-way intersection before Rte 147
  • Stanhope, QC

  • Norton, VT
  • Rte 114 East (wow! especially the descents to Wallace Pond and Cannan)
  • Wallace Pond
  • (Gordon Walker's truck garden)
  • Caanan, VT Caanan, VT Caanan, VT
  • Rte 253 North
  • Beecher Falls, VT

    Start NH Loop

  • River Road (fresh asphalt - 35mph scenic)
  • New Hampshire
  • Rte 3 East (following the river here)

    End NH Loop

  • Beecher Falls
  • Rte 253 North
  • Canadian Immigration
  • Rte 253 North
  • East Hereford
  • Chemin de Coaticook (wow! view after view)
  • West on rang 9iem
  • Left on Chemin Bissonette (8 miles from E Hereford) to Mount Hereford peak
    See September 4th for details and photos
  • West on 9iem Rang (hilly, more view after view)
  • Coaticook
  • Right on Cote d'Avingnon (those fab uphill twisties!)

  • Boudreau Corners
  • Ste-Edwidge (great hills and curves, smooth surface)
  • Martinville
  • Moe's River (scenic way all the way to Ayer's Cliff)
  • Compton
  • Hatley
  • Massawippi
  • Ayer's Cliff


A plethora of cemeteries!