Thursday September 6 2007

East Hereford

Wow! What a great ride! From 141 to Ways Mills and Baldwin Mills is on the gravel and after that except for one little piece between Baldwin Mills and Stanhope it's all asphalt, most of it smooth.

The loop into New Hamshire from Beecher Falls on River Road and Rte 3 is fantastic! Great roads winding up and down along the river. I headed East on Rte 3 for about five miles but turned back before reaching Pittsburg due to time constraints. Further exploration in this direction could be interesting, as could Route 3 South.


The ride worked out to 92 miles in just over three hours, including at least 30-35 minutes spent at two cemetery stops, as well as stops at Gordon Walker's garden, gas station in Caanan, and quicky photos.

I've traveled Vt 114 from East to West at least four or five times, but this is the first time I've ridden from West to East and I definitely prefer the latter.

  • 141 East from Burroughs Falls
  • Right on Chemin Caron (very twisty, sharp turns!)
  • Left on Chemin de Ways Mills
  • Left on Chemin Madore (Ways Mills)
  • Right on Chemin Isabelle
  • Right on Chemin Provencher
  • Left on Chemin Stage
  • Past cemetery, right onto Chemin Routhier
  • Right on Chemin Goudreau
  • Left on Chemin Haskell
  • Baldwin Mills - The Pinnacle

  • Chemin May
  • (Chemin Cabana, Chemin Devost)?
  • Chemin de Baldwin Mills-Stanhope (wow!)
  • ?
  • Rte 147 South
  • Stanhope, QC

  • Norton, VT
  • Rte 114 East (wow!)
  • Wallace Pond
  • (Gordon Walker's truck garden)
  • Cannan, VT
  • Rte 253 North
  • Beecher Falls, VT

    Start NH Loop

  • River Road
  • New Hampshire
  • Rte 3 East

    End NH Loop

  • Beecher Falls
  • Rte 253 North
  • Canadian Immigration
  • Rte 253 North
  • East Hereford
  • Chemin de Coaticook (wow!)
  • West on 9iem Rang
  • (left on Chemin Bissonette to Mount Hereford peak)
  • West on 9iem Rang
  • Coaticook