Tuesday September 4 2007

Mount Hereford

Following up on a tip from Rene I rode out 9iem Rang from Coaticook looking for the road that leads to the peak of Mount Hereford. Sure enough, hang a right onto Chemin Bissonette from 9iem Rang and follow the wooden signs - from 9iem Rang it is about three miles to the top.

From the bronze plaque centered on the peak, embedded bronze pointers show the name and azimuth of peaks in the distance, as well as their height in meters and distance in kilometers.

"Be humble, be creative, be kind." Good words from a gentleman who lived to 103 years of age.

There was a bit of haze but it was a fairly clear day, so I could actually see the Collin Bunker - with a good pair of field glasses I imagined it might be possible to see the Bonnie Shed.

I could also make out the very tip of Mout Washingon, which, acording to its plaque, is 194 Km in the distance.

Got home with five minutes to spare before leaving to Pick Paul up at school.

Bonnie at the peak