Saturday September 1 2007

Ways Mills-Ayer's Cliff-Boynton

Off on a quick late-afternoon ride I ran into Rene from Sherbrook. We made a tour of what I'm now calling the Ways Mills-Barnston Loop (see 31 August for details).

Afterwards we returned to Ayer's Cliff and looped from Brown's Hill to Boynton and back to the Cliff.

Ayer's Cliff-Boynton Loop Route

  • Ayer's Cliff
  • From Rte 141, left on paved portion of Chemin Brown's Hill
  • (Right onto gravel Chemin Brown's Hill)
  • Left on Chemin Amy
  • Left on Vancour
  • Left on Chemin Boynton
  • (Right at "Y" to continue Chemin Boynton)
  • Ayer's Cliff (Rte 141)