Friday August 17 2007

Burke Mountain

Burke Mountain

Fabulous cool clear day. Met Dana in Derby Line and we went down to Burke Mountain by way of Lake Willoughby.

Dana showed me the toll road to the parking lot at the peak - a narrow, asphalt, climbing and twisty switch-backing road to the top. Just leave a little voluntary toll in the cash box and like the sign says, "Keep vehicle on road at all times"!

Trails from the parking lot take you to the very peak, with its embedded bronze survey marker. Altitude 1,959 feet. 360 degree views of the horizion - mountain ranges to the west and east, hills to the south, and to the north a spectacular view of the cleft mountain left behind by the glacier that carved out Lake Willoughby. Lots 'o communications gear up there (prolly soon to be off limits to the public due to you-know-what). And also a fire tower for views from the eagle's nest.

I decided I definitely prefer 122 going north to going south.

For me, 3:40, 108 miles, 2.1 gallons of gas, and a half-pint of oil.

  • Derby Line 9:30am
  • Lake Willoughby
  • Burke Hollow
  • East Burke [coffee stop]
  • Toll Road
  • Burke Mountain: The Peak [scenic stop]
  • East Burke
  • East Charleston
  • Echo Lake
  • Seymour Lake [lunch stop]
  • Holland
  • Derby Line (12:30)