Saturday August 4 2007

Ormstown Rally

Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Group
Annual Montreal Rally
Ormstown, Quebec

After a ride over the hill at 6am, I finally departed at 7:30am for Ormstown. I did mostly 60-64 mph on the Eastern Townships Autoroute and then 55-60 with light traffic the rest of the way

Early morning was cool, but not as cool as last year as I recall.

Arrived in Ormstown around 10:10am after a two-and-a-half-hour ride plus a 10 minute gas stop.

Had a really good breakfast at the Restaurant Toit Vert before arriving at the rally grounds in time for the Pub run. Joined the rabbits for a long rambling ride through the Ormstown countryside behind leader Eric Prichard. Somehow the turtles arrived first to the pub.

The day was hot, but not scorching like Thursday and Friday, and a steady breeze blew all day.

There was a good turn-out with lots of friendly people and a lot of fine looking motorbikes.

Photos from the rally.

I put Bonnie into the Concourse d'Elegance once more on a whim and holy toledo she garnered first place for best of the 60's!

I didn't leave for home until 7:30pm - much later than I'd planned.

The way home (2 1/2 hours road time):

  • 201
  • 138
  • 30
  • 15
  • 10
  • 55